“There is no such thing as writer’s block!”

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“There is no such thing as writer’s block!”

Tips that will help you get “unstuck” when writing:


Be organic!

– Your best writing is what comes most naturally to you…if you are stuck for a topic or don’t like what you are writing…change it. You may come back to your orginal idea anyway.

– If you don’t know what to write at all…then write that! It is okay to get started with a list, or other brainstorming activities. Sometimes those things turn in to the best pieces.


Use your resources:

– “Interview” friends and family about your topic – react in your writing to what they said or run with the new ideas and see where they take you.

– Search your subject, genre, or idea online – see what others have already written about it

– Look up words you have already written in the dictionary and discuss their meanings


Go back to previous writing-

-Use your seed entries from other pieces

-Re-examine lists and topics that you have worked on before and see if they inspire new ideas

-Revise something – you may change it so radically that it becomes an entirely new piece

-Change your angle – write about a subject you have written before and look at it a different way

– Lift a line from what you just wrote and make it the first line on a new page and see where it takes you!

– Don’t get rid of anything. If you don’t like something you have written, just put a line through it and move on. You may change your mind later and find it useful.


Any other ideas? Let me know! 🙂


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11 Responses to ““There is no such thing as writer’s block!””

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when i get writers block i put my head down and think about what im writing. EX…..

I was writing and i got writers block so i put my head down and it gave me a good idea.

it really works!!!!!

I’d watch a TV show and comment on it, or imagine if whatever happened to the character happened to you. Then, write a story about it! TTYL peace, love and llamas

I talk to a friend or even go on the computer to get over writers block. This helps me learn new ideas about that topic.

What I do if I have writer’s block is I take a nap because that gathers all my thuoghts together and I feel refreshed after that. Dreams give you a good ideas for writing a story because they are like stories you read but they are your own personal view.

Well there are many things to do when you have writers block. The type you choose depends on the area your in. Usually when i am not in school i will go up to my room and grab my ipod. Then i will just lay myself down on my couch and listen to the songs. As i listen to the songs they make me think!


One way to avoid writer’s block is to get away from your homework and relax for a bit. One place you could go is your backyard. Looking at things helps you think of ideas.

One out of many ways of leaving a writers block is by looking around your room for ideas and you should find plenty.

When I get writers block I take a break for a second… maybe go in the kitchen and get a snack, or reread my writing to get me back on track. although if I haven’t started writing yet I would just look around my room for a minute and find something that I care about or really enjoy and then write about it.

I know now it feels like when you get writers block. I just want to say that it is ok and it happens to every one. There are many things you can do to get rid of it. One tip is to look at your surroundings. Look at the pictures on the wall, or the furniture in your living room. You could maybe write about something like the furniture and come back to what you were writing before. If that still doesn’t work try Thinking about the day you had. Your Friends sitting at assigned seats at lunch, or the Bus ride home. When we are going home on the bus after school, if one kid has pretzels the whole bus is begging like there apes, and never had food in their life. Thats a good way to get rid of writers block.

you are very right! there is no such thing! because you can write about how you can’t think of anything!!!


When I read a book, I will often get neat ideas. This helps me write because I will often be able to write a lot about my new idea.

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