BOOK REVIEW: Among the Barons (Nicolas A.)

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I read a book called Among the Barons.  The author of the book is Margaret Peterson Haddix.  It’s the fourth book in the Shadow Children series.  Haddix also wrote a book called Among the Imposters. I liked reading Among the Imposters so I read Among the Barons

The story takes place in present time.  In this world it is the law to only have one or two children.  If you have more, the population police will take and kill your third child.  Third children are called shadow children because they hide and try to stay away from the population police.  One of them, Luke, just might set them free.

My reaction to this book is intense because Luke almost gets caught by the poplulation police and I felt relieved once he didn’t get caught.  I have never read a book with so much excitement.  It made me want to keep reading!

I would definitely recommend this book to other students in Grover Middle School that want a thrilling and exciting story.


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4 Responses to “BOOK REVIEW: Among the Barons (Nicolas A.)”

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Why do they only allow people to have two children? There are places in the world where you’re only allowed one!

Nicolas, sounds like a book I read some many years ago, Farenheit 451, about the book police. People weren’t allowed to own books. So the police would take them and burn them. Farenheit 451 it the tempature that paper burns, hence the name. I was wondering, was Lucas able to save the shadow kids?

First let me reply to Russel. Russel, people can only have two children because the population police say there is not enough food. But that is a lie they have enough they’re just sick people.

Mr.Morris, Luke does save all shadow children in the last book which I just finshed a couple of hours ago. It’s called Amoung the Free. That is also a good book.

From Nicolas a proud grover student.


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