POETRY RESPONSE: “Road Not Taken” (Abby G.)

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I just read a poem called “Road Not Taken” by Robert Lee Frost.  He is a famous poet.

I think that this poem is about life.  In life there’s always two roads which represent choices you make.  If you pick the right choice, even if it is difficult because it means being different, it will pay off in the long run.

While I was reading this poem, I was surprised because the poem was probably based on difficult choices Robert Frost had to make.  This poem is appropriate for students in middle school because they have to make a lot of decisions about who to hang out with, deciding to go to school even when they don’t feel well, and even what clothes to wear.

I would like Miss Morris to read more poetry by this poet because Robert Frost is a good poet and he is famous.  He also has cool poems that would be nice to hear in class.  I would recommend this poem to other students because they could get something out of it.


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4 Responses to “POETRY RESPONSE: “Road Not Taken” (Abby G.)”

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People often think that this poem is trying to say that it is better to take the less travelled road, but I always thought that it was just saying that we have to make the choice. Frost doesn’t say how great making that choice was, just that we should appreciate how important the choices are. At least, that’s what I think.

Abby, great choice in reading. I think this poem tells us that life is all about choices, we choose what we wear, who our friends are and what kind of mood we’re going to be in today. Make the right choices and have a great life. Keep reading.

Russell’s take on this poem is also similar to my thinking. The best thing about poetry, though, is that there isn’t always a “right answer.” What’s important is what the poem makes YOU feel. 🙂

I loved the poetry response. Keep on writing.


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