POETRY RESPONSE: “Road Not Taken” (Hayley M.)

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I just read the poem “Road Not Taken” by Robert Lee Frost.  Some other poems that he is known for are “A Time to Talk,” “Gathering Leaves,” and “Good Hours.”  

After reading this poem, I thought that it was a really beautiful poem.  I also thought that it was about two roads that are totally different.  The roads are not real roads; they are metaphoric.  They are symbolizing two different choices.  One choice is achieving goals that the other one might be for failing.

When I was reading the poem I felt touched!  The reason why I felt touched is because it meant so much to me.  Plus, it tells so much and is it only a poem, NOT a story!  Amazing!! 

I have already read some of Frost’s other poems, and they were not as touching as this one!


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7 Responses to “POETRY RESPONSE: “Road Not Taken” (Hayley M.)”

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You’re so right Hayley, Life is all about choices, every day we wake up and get to choose how we are going to face the day. Will we be happy and friendly, or will be grouchy and grumpy. Keep on reading. I used to read all the time when I was younger and I got a great education from it.

Hello to all people from around the world. I hope(d) you like(d) my poetry response; maybe you may read the poem and love it to!


The Road Not Taken was one of my all time favorites back in my own school days…I think I always envisioned myself as a great poetess! Thank you for a trip down poetry lane.


I am a teacher and I feel very encouraged that a young person like yourself is reading and learning from poetry. Robert Frost has written many famous poems, but I think this one may take the cake! I began reading poetry when I was in high school. It felt like an escape for me, but I also realized that I was a part of something bigger that had been going on for many years. Just think about how many people throughout the generations have read “The Road Not Taken”! It’s really amazing that something written 100 years ago is still touching people in today’s world, isn’t it? I will end by encouraging you to continue reading (and maybe writing??) poetry. Take care.

Why thank you! I am glad that you like my response to the poem and that you like the actual poem too!

You’re quite correct! Life isn’t just about the choices we make (the roads we take), but the choices we don’t make or the roads we don’t take!

I had never really thought of it that way, but now that you brought it up… you gave me a whole new perspective!


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