SCIENCE: Cell Parts “Rap”

Posted on September 12, 2011. Filed under: Science |

Here’s a short video about Plant and Animal Cells.  Watch the video and then comment about it below.  You may wish to watch it a few times before you comment.

In your comment, please answer the following:
1) Explain the new information you  learned from the video or the information that is a review for you from class.
2) What other information do you think this video should have included in order to be even more helpful?
3) What part of the “rap” will help you remember a cell part/function?

~Ms. Morris 🙂


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9 Responses to “SCIENCE: Cell Parts “Rap””

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that was really funny Mrs.M and when we have a quiz I think that I will study from that and can we do a cell rap for extra credit?

Glad you liked the video. Sure, you can make your own video if you think it will help you study!

Be sure to go back and answer the three questions in the post!

i didn’t know science could be this cool

Ah, and this is just the beginning. Lots of cool stuff coming.

Be sure to go back and answer the three questions in the post!

Ms. Morris this video is awesome i love it i never thought the video would be like this.
The answers:
The cell is made up of organelles, the nucleus takes over, controlling everything.

The middle of the cell is the brain.

Animal and plant cells that make all life the membrane is on the outside.

I think the video should have also included how the function work

One part i can remember is that they keep on saying cells cells they are made up of organelles, so i will remember that.

Glad you liked the video!

Wow thats so cool, i like when they when they say “cells cells their made of organelles” 😀

i think that the cell rap was very good because i lerned about the parts of the cell in a better way then just writing them down.


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