SCIENCE: Photosynthesis

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This IS NOT how photosynthesis works:

But this IS how photosynthesis works:

In your comment:

1) Explain the 3 important and required components needed in order for photosynthesis to take place.

2) Explain the 2 products of photosynthesis.

3) Explain why photosynthesis is important to plants and why it is important to humans.

Please comment on your classmates’ posts as well.

~Ms. Morris


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14 Responses to “SCIENCE: Photosynthesis”

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that was very helpful Mrs.M that reminded
me how photosynthesis works. i did not know
that plants could make there food.

Yes, this is called being an autotroph.

Now, what were the three things that are necessary for photosynthesis to take place? What are the two products? And why is it important to both plants and humans? (Hint, for this question you already answered the “plant part” in your first post, and the “human part” is in answer number 2.)

the 3 most important things are water sun and air

You are on the right track…water and sun are two of the three parts necessary for photosynthesis, but what is the third? (It’s a part of “air”)

Also, don’t forget to say what the products of photosynthesis are…this part of the question will help you answer the third part as well!

sun c2o water

C2o,sunlight and water. you get water and oxygen. photosynthesis is important because it gives the plant the enrgy to make oxygen whicjh we breath.

Almost! You got the first part right…but what are the two products of photosynthesis? Oxygen is one of them, but what is the other?

And good job with explaining why it is important!

I think that the video was to fast for me to understand. But it’s very interesting that spungebob was using himself as a plant.

That’s the beauty of the videos…you can pause and go back as often as you like! If you think it goes too fast, then go ahead and stop it so you can get all the information at your own pace. Try again!

The 2nd video was much more detailed so the plant needs oxygen and air to grow and while it grows it needs sunlight.

I’m glad you thought the second video was more detailed. Try to watch it again. The plants don’t need oxygen, but oxygen is important somehow…

I thought this video would be fun like the rap but i guess not 😦 lol

1. The 3 most important component are the sun the air and water.
2. Oxygen and Sugar are important to help us stay alive
3. Photosynthesis is important for plants and humans because plants need water they absorb the water to survive and they need sun to grow and we humans need water to surive and if we have to much sun or no sun we die.

Sunlight, water (H2o), and Co2 is what you need to make photosynthesis. You need water and Co2. Its important to plants because they need Co2, and we need it because we need oxygen from plants

i lerned that photosynthisis acures in the leaves.

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