IRLA – “Problems and Solutions”

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Hi All,

We were talking today about being either “part of the problem” or “part of the solution.”

Please take some time to think about the quote below and then respond to it.

Be sure that your response:

  • Explains what you think the quote means.
  • Connects your explanation of the quote to your own experiences.
  • Connects your explanation of the quote to the “real world” or something you have read or seen before.

~Ms. Morris 🙂


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9 Responses to “IRLA – “Problems and Solutions””

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Well, i think of it as star wars (even though i am not a fan of star wars) it’s basicly your on the good side or the dark side.
If i had to choose witch side im on the side that i would be on would be the good side, because the good side always wins. (Ahmed) (^_^)

I think this quote mean that you can be someone’s problem or someone’s helper.
for example when you are at a meeting and every body is talking you could politely ask
someone to quiet down (solution). or you are the person that is yelling screaming and talking to friends.
but i think it’s better to be the solution.

The quote means if you are a disruptive to the class, you are the problem, so be the solution. For example, if you are a nudge, like my brother be the solution. Another example Is when you get out of school you need to be a cooperative person.

I think Ahmeds comment pritty much right. It is like the good side and the bad side!

I also liked Patricias comment was right too!

well what i think that means is that no mater if you are in a problem or out you are still in the middle and it well get hard to get out. (i also like ahmeds bad and good side

I think that this quote means that your having a problem with someone and you think to yourself are you part of the problem or the solution.
This quote connects to my life because if I’m arguing with my mom and we are not solving this. But I think for a little bit to see if I’m part of the problem or if I’m just part of the solution.

I think the quote means you can cause or end it. M y own experience is in Ms.Morris class by not talking that helps not i influenced people to talk less. In the real world if some makes a mistake you can make that right or you just can kiss that job good by.

I think that the quote means you are ether going to help with solving it or you are trying to be part of the problem. Like in most movies there is ether a antagonist or a protagonist. They mean that Antagonist try’s to stop the main character, while the protagonist has a goal that the antagonist is trying to stop.

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