SCIENCE: Why is surface area important in digestion?

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Please look at your notes and observations from class today,  and then take a look a look at these pictures of today’s warm-up activity:

Explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS what the blocks in the pictures represent.  (Be sure to include the words “Surface Area” and  “Digestion” in your responses.)

Remember that you can respond to your classmates’ comments!

Ms. Morris 🙂


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9 Responses to “SCIENCE: Why is surface area important in digestion?”

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The blocks in the first picture represent food before it s chewed. The second picture represents food after its chewed. The surface area of the first picture is much smaller than the surface area of the second picture. The second picture is easier to digest than the first picture.

It’s basically like what we did during our science lab. the loose sugar is the cubes broken up and the sugar cube is the cubes built up. The type of diegetstion this was is machanical diegestian. chewing is a type of machanical diegetstion, and sugar disolving in water its like chemical diegetstion.

the block represents a solid piece of food but when it
is all mashed up that represents the surface area is larger
and more spread out and ground up so it is easer to digest

well what i think is that at first there are 27 cubs and they are perfectly placed their a lot of orange cubs, and yellow cubes, but only one blue. there is there 9 in each side or surface area. also theres an example that that is the food that a person would put in his moth to eat so thats not chowed yet but then in the next picture it looks like the food got chowed and everything is all mest up. so now there is 29 cubes because they other blue cube was hiding. 🙂

In the first box, the cubes are all tight together the outside of the box is the surface area, the second box the cubes are separated and that’s when the saliva swooshes it around and then digests the food. ..

The surface area takes longer to digest system and when the surface area is broken down then it doesn’t take long to digest. For exanple, when we put the whole craker in our mouth the surface area is less than when you chew it up.

In picture 1 I see 3 colors blue,orange,yellow and the cube Is 3 by 3 and has 9 on each side.

In picture 2 the cubes are broken up because the teeth were grinding againt eachother and the saliva was breaking up the food and making the cube eassy to break.

the big cube is food that is about to be chewed. after, the separate blocks are the chewed form of it. the sureface area increased after it seperated by chewing. this helps digest because the enzimes break down the smaller pieces.

i think that the second blocks represent food alredy chewed up in the mouth into bits and peces

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