SCIENCE: If it’s not gravity…?

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Okay, so if it’s not gravity responsible for pulling the food down the esophagus, what do you think is responsible for moving the food through the esophagus?

Please post a comment and discuss your ideas about this question with your classmates.

~Ms. Morris


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8 Responses to “SCIENCE: If it’s not gravity…?”

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In my opinion i think that it goes down by how the esophigos is strait down and not all wierd. That’s wht i think but im not shure :O 🙂

I think that the muscles are responsible for the food going down the esophagus because that muscles are very strong and they attend to force things down like food down the esophagus.

I think that the food goes down the esophagus by the musules that push the food down so the food can get to the stomach

I think it goes down by the muscles that push the food down then it’ gets to the esophagus.

what happens is it is not gravity that pulls it down but the
muscles expanding and contracting and it squeezes the
food down into the stomach.

The esophagus is made of muscles so the muscles expands and contracts to make the food go down.

I think it is the tongue pushes down the food because it helps it go throw the right tube

I think it’s peristalses, peristalses is wavelike muscular contractions especially organs of the digestive system such as the esophagus and the intestines which pushes ingested food through the digestive tract.

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