SCIENCE: Mechanical or Chemical…or both?

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Please use the following pictures to explain what type of digestion is happening in the stomach.  (Your explanation should be several sentences long and should use the words “muscles”, “surface area”, and “enzymes.”) 

Remember: Your explanation should be several sentences long and should use the words “muscles”, “surface area”, and “enzymes.”

Photo credits belong to Ms. Nordstrom!  She did an awesome job!  🙂

~Ms. Morris


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8 Responses to “SCIENCE: Mechanical or Chemical…or both?”

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In the first picture its like if you just had swallode the food and went down your stomach and nothing rong,but then in the second picture the food is breaking down. The third picture its breaking down again but the color is changing so its called enzymes. In the last picture the hole thing is green so the enzymes are digesting the food.B-)

The first part the surface is all clean , the muscles move the food and break down the food, in the area where the food is the stomach breaks down the food that’s why the area gets filled up, the enzymes(food coloring) makes the color turn green.

well in the pictures the type of digestion that is taking place is machanical and chemical digestion. And enzymes are distibuting through the stomach. And the surface area was coverd by the food coloring. So when our groups squeezed the bag we used are musels to smoosh it all up to complete the lab.

in the lesson we learned that our stomachs
do most of the breaking down. the first part
is when the food gets to the stomach it sit in
the digestive enzymes. then it gets churned
around in the stomach when the mucles
expand and contract.

what is happening here is the food going into the stomech and what hapens in the stomach is the chemical enzymes bracking down the food in the surface area.

were Is the IRLA blog post?

Hi Oliver, look on the main page…look for the posts that start with IRLA.

Well, the muscles smaches the food, the surface area is covered by food coloring, and the enzymes are part of the normal digestive process. enzymes produced in the stomach to breakdown food and speed up chemical reactions in all plants and animals. Without enzymes, a person could not breathe, see, move, or digest food. Without enzymes, these reactions would occur too slowly or not at all.

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