SCIENCE: The last few stops in the Digestive System

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What is going on in each picture?  Choose two (2) of the pictures from the activity in class and, in a COMMENT, explain what is happening to the “food” (chyme or waste) and what part of the digestive system it is passing through.  Explain what is present in the picture: muscles, enzymes, etc.  Be as specific as possible!

Also, REPLY to at least one of your classmate’s comments as well.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

Picture #6

~Ms. Morris 🙂


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22 Responses to “SCIENCE: The last few stops in the Digestive System”

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What’s happening is that the bun represents the food trying to go down the small intestine. Also the Pantyhose represents the small intestine. So what the whole class did is that we held the pantyhose and we were trying to get the bread down the pantyhose.

Hey Elizabeth your answer was great and i agree with you because the bun is representing the food which is going down the small intestine.

You are very welcome Elizabeth your worse that were explained wier very disruptive.

Um i meant to say words

i like elizabeths because it very discrpetive and good

I Agree with Robert, Elizabeth’s comment is very discrpetive

What is happening is that the bun is being passed down in small intestine the panty hose is the small intestine and a we are the muscles that are pushing the bun all the way down, then the waste comes out. In the first picture the blue stuff is the enzymes.

I think that Krupa’s is very descriptive. it’s has a lot of details.

I agree with elizabeth because we wear doing all the thing that Elizabeth said.the pantyhose were the small intestine which is me hahah .

I agree with Jacky. I think that she put a lot of thought into her thinking.

hi miss morris thankyou for useing the bread
instead of the banana. in picture 2 the chyme
was moving through the intestine and the musles
were going through parastalsis. in picture 4 the
chyme was about to become waste.

I like elizabeth’s comment because it was very discriptive

Danny, you are very welcome. (I’m happy you let me know about the banana!) And actually, I think the bread worked much better because we were really able to see how the water is separated from the waste as it passes through the large intestine! (As shown in Picture #6) If I do this again next year, I will be sure to use bread instead of a banana. Thanks, Danny! 🙂

I think that the bread was a better idea to. I understood it more then I would then with a banna. Also to me it woulnt be so pleasant. But other then that I thought this was a great lab.

in the first pictere, it shows the food and the food coloring on the food. and in the second picture shows the food traviling through the small intestins.

Hey Brittany, love your thinking. I thought you did a great job putting details into your thoughts.

Ya Elizabeth is right about that

in picture one whats happing is that jorge put food coloring on the bread and it we had to draw a picture in our notebook and labled it. And in pictur 2 whats happing is that we are trying to see if we as a class can get the bread through the small intestine and in the picture the panyhose represents the small intestine and the picture is suppost to tell you if peristalsis is important and it is because if we didnt have a muscle contraction we wont be able to swallow our food.

i agree with Robert and it was really detailed

In the pictures the hot dogs buns repsent the food and the stockings reprsent the musclas of the small intestine of it at the ending it comes out differnt because of its moving and it gets go more juices then before

The last picture is when water and the bread bread gets extracted. And the water and the solids are getting extracted in the plastic bag.

Hi every body!=D i like elizabeth and jacky’s statment because they maid some good points when they explained their coments!

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