SCIENCE: What’s the big deal about research this year?

Posted on November 17, 2011. Filed under: General Information |

I know I’ve been talking about research a lot this year.

What is it, really?  Why do we need to research?  Why are research skills so important?

We’ve done one research project already, and we are about to begin another.  Tell me, before this next unit begins, your thoughts on research.  What is easy or difficult about it for you?  How much experience do you have with research? What do you wish you could do better when researching?

Also, respond to your classmates’ comments and get some good conversations going about this topic of research.  The more you share, the better I can plan upcoming lessons and help you become more effective and information literate researchers.

~Ms. Morris 🙂


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11 Responses to “SCIENCE: What’s the big deal about research this year?”

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Well, I thought research was when we look something up. But now I think it’s more like learning new thing or just learning.

Research is important because if you need to learn something new you research or go online to learn about something new. Research skills are important because you should know how to reasearch you should already know once you get on the computer you should know where to go like internet research can be a little diffucult but once you leanr how to do its easy. i hve a lot of reasearch on me i have learned from my parents and ky brother my brother knows a lot about technology, with computers, i wish that we can always research and go on computers because its a lot easier to learn that way plus i love computers. All i know it that I LOVE RESEARCH and I HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!

Research its kind of boring for me but I know its an important skill to know. But you have to do stuff in life that you don’t want to do.

I really like Krupa’s. I think that she put a lot of detail into her thoughts & thinking.

I think research is very helpful, but it can be very hard at times. I have had a little experience with research, but not much.

I really like Patricia’s thinking 🙂

well i have to agree with patricia because research is hard at times because there is so manny different kinds of answers that you just don’t know witch is the right one to pick. there is times when you look for something but it has different things that we would not understand and would not know if it would be right. we may want to know the right one but also if we can choose the closes one because it would always work to. i have learned that thanks to my tutor i have now not struggled in looking for some information that i would like to know.

The main thing about research is that if you need to look up a word or a certain subject (like science) & you are trying to know what that specific thing is then you might need to use the internet to find some information about that specific thing or subject. We need to research because if we do a worksheet and your teacher says that it’s wrong then you can just simply go on to the internet and find the right answer and hopefully you learn from your mistakes. Research skills are important because maybe if you grow up & you need to use the internet and you don’t know how to find something then you could just simply use your research skills & find what you need to know. In my opinion, I love to use research because I learn from my mistakes on homework or projects when I need to use the internet.

i dont know much about reaserch but i have done
it alot for projects and esays im not very fond of it
like jorge but he is right it’s very important not just
to sience but to most stuff in our lives.

For me when we do research Ms. Morris I would like for us to use our phones during the activity and iPads and computers! … They will help us learn about iPhone iPads and how they are useful to us when we need help to do researching !!!! 🙂

i agree with Jacky and Patricia because research is hard sometimes but it is also a good experience to be a good self directed learner and to be independent. Because as 7th graders we need to be more and more independent with our work.

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