Let’s talk technology…

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Now that we are a few months into school (and as I type this blog post from my iPad, just after reading your homework assignments completed with apps on your hand-held devices and then submitted via Google docs), let’s talk about how we’ve been using technology so far this year.

What’s working well for you? What’s not?

How are you growing as a student because of the technology we use on a regular basis?

Think about:
Google docs?
Apps for iPads, iPods, phones, etc.?
Our blog?
Digital images and videos? …just to name a few!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

~Ms. Morris


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25 Responses to “Let’s talk technology…”

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i think the Google docs have worked well for the class because on there you can check our work and make it better more times and when we hand it in its as the best ability of us .

Jorge, when you say, “make it better”, what exactly do you mean? Can you give a specific example of how the Google docs have helped you grow as a writer?

Yea it has. like revising it to the the best

Revising is a very important part of being a good writer. Excellent observation! 🙂

the only thing i can use is my computer at home and school
i find google docs sumwhat helpful but not really .

Danny, you are probably thinking about devices and apps…but what about the document camera and projector in the classroom? How about using the blog?

Can you explain why the Google docs are only somewhat helpful?

What does everyone else think?

google docs i thinks is the best resourse for projects and presentation. the app called ABC Note is the best app for i phone i pod and i pad. Ahmed ☻

Great job being very specific, Ahmed. Can you elaborate on why those particular products are so helpful?

Well, thier helpful because instead of doing your post-its on a piece of paper you can do it on the Ipod, phone, or pad with abc notes.

I heard with andriod you can also download an app called ‘docs’ for google, there is also for I phone but that costs money. Ahmed ☻

Why is doing the Post-It on the iPod “better” than doing it on paper? Isn’t it the same thing?

Well, because we can save paper so less paper = more trees also = more oxygen I think its like a win – win situation

This is a very interesting topic. When I was in school in the early to mid 90’s technology in the classroom consisted of a simple program called Word Perfect. It was no more than a blue screen and a cursor to type. There is so much more technology today (as I type this from my Android phone).

I think that technolgy is great but my only concern is that it is full of shortcuts. As a student today what do you think about that? When faced with an assignment or a math problem, do you put in the work to figure it out or do you simply google the topic or equation for a solution?

As much as I enjoy joy the world of technology It just concerns me when our young people and adults for that matter become totally dependant on it.

Would love to hear your feedback as students.

I think Patricia M. asks some excellent questions. My use of technology in school growing up consisted of Oregon Trail in middle school and then WordPerfect in high school. I didn’t even have email until I was in college. So how does the technology usage in schools today help you? Have any of you ever NOT used technology in school?

As for Google Docs, I can see how that would be incredibly helpful for classroom use. I use it at work and it’s a life-saver! 🙂

Very interesting discussion you guys have going on here.

I like the google docs and I am trying to get it for my iPod. The blog is AWESOME and I am trying to figure out how to make something like it.

Oliver, why do you think coming up with something like our blog is important? What purpose do blogs serve in today’s society?

One of the reasons technology works well for me because when I need to work on a project and I need to do some research to look up the answers and to get all the information that you need. But the thing that really bugs me about research is that sometimes when I go on plenty different websites and I just cant find the answers that I’m looking for. but other than that I think research is great! 🙂

Are you learning anything this year that helps make your research work a little easier for you?

i would like to have the technolige that everybody
has but hopfuly santa will bring me one

For me when we do research Ms. Morris I would like for us to use our phones during the activity and iPads and computers! … They will help us learn about iPhone iPads and how they are useful to us when we need help to do researching !!!!, That way we can learn.

I think google docs is help because it so much easy than printing it out . It saves time and paper

I think technology is very important. But there are also some disatvantages about it. For example, most people that have Facebook pages spend all your time doing that instead of playing outside or seeing a friend.

In my opinion the google docs work really well because if we are having trouble with something u can email Ms. Morris for help. I think that having the prevleg of of useing technology in class is super helpful.

i think that having and using technology in the is verry useful because we can go on the blog post or google docs on our phones if we dont have acsses to a computer

Ms. Morris,

When will we get to use technology in class? Also, am I allowed to bring and take my kindle to classes other than IRLA?

You can bring it to IRLA any time. As far as bringing your devices to other classes, you’ll need to speak to your other teachers first. 🙂

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