IRLA: Food, Glorious Food!

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Now that we’re about halfway through our mini-unit of a short personal essay about a significant memory involving a special recipe, let’s think about why so many people might write about food.

Online, you can find thousands upon thousands of blogs written about food and recipes.  On bookshelves, in libraries and bookstores (and my kitchen at home!), you can find hundreds of cookbooks with recipes from places all around the world.  In short stories and novels that we read, the aromas and flavors of foods are often described in great, sensory detail.

Why is that?

Why do you think there is so much writing in this world about food?

Respond to this question here on the blog and then come back to comment on your peers’ responses as well.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this topic!

nlJugdk4OGc : (A scene from the musical Oliver!)

~Ms. Morris


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6 Responses to “IRLA: Food, Glorious Food!”

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Food brings my family together in a lot of different ways. We come together to eat on Thanksgiving when we have the big turkey, corn, cranberry sauce, and other good stuff. We also gather at my nonna’s house on Christmas Eve to eat lots of fish and blessed bread. On Christmas Eve all my cousins come from my moms side of the family and we exchange gifts. Sometimes I spend time with my nonna and she teaches me how to make cookies and pizza. A lot of times we get together with friends on Sundays. We eat chilli that my mom makes and watch football. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion for our family and friends to get together and eat.

i think writers put a lot of details when they write about foods and recipes so that the people reading the books can actually experience the way it tastes in your mouth and to emphasize the flavor of the foods.

Writing about food can be useful for people who want to learn how to make that food and it can bring together people from many different cultures for example, our party tommorow.

I think that people write deeply about food to try and make you to feel hungry and that you will eat the food that they are talking about. People also like to think about food so they can make it in the future.

I think that food brings family together, an example is when me and my family eat at 3:00 AM for Ramadon, Ramadon is and Egyptian celebration when people feast for like 10-12 hours

I think people write about food because the sensations (spicy, sweet, sour) are strong with different types of food. People can then put these strong sensations on paper in the form of writing, whether it is a story, poem, or cookbook. Because of its strong sensory sensations, food is easy to write about.

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