SCIENCE: The Human Heart

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Here’s a little video that will recap a lot of what we’ve learned so far about the circulatory system:

At this point, in the middle of our circulatory system unit, you have already learned:

  • the names for the parts of the heart, including the chambers
  • the path that blood takes through the heart
  • about the blood vessels and where the exchange of gases takes place
  • about blood – what it’s made up of and how it flows through the body

One of the models we used in class.


1) Synthesize the information you’ve gotten so far, and try to explain it in a comment on this post – in your own words.  (A short paragraph should do.)

2) Also, ask a new question about something you are still unsure about, and we’ll see if one of your classmates can answer it for you!

Be sure to come back and check the post frequently to see if anyone answered your question and to see if you can answer someone else’s question.

~Ms. Morris


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12 Responses to “SCIENCE: The Human Heart”

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How does the electrical impluses work I know it make your heart pump but how does it work…

The path of blood through the heart is the upper vena cava, right atrium, lower vena cava, valve, right ventricle, left ventricle, valve, left atrium, pulmnary veins, pulmonary artery, aorta. The circlulatory system is a closed system.

So far what I have learned is the way the blood flows through the heart. Also I learned that the heart pumps 5 quarts of blood every minute, The heart beats 100,000 a day, And that the blood beats 35 million times a year. One last thing that I learned was that the blue blood first enters the heart from the upper Vena cava then goes through the rest of the heart and then in the lungs it has an exchange with the oxygen and becomes red blood. How does the heart beat?

Im not sure how the heart pumps blood to the body because how does it pump?

Hey Brittany! I think that the heart has electrical impulses that can make the heart pump 🙂

the heart is a pump and it pumps 5 quarts of blood every minute and beats about 100,000 times in one day and its about 35 million beats in a year. And the right side in your body has the right atrium and ventricle and it is the oxygen poor blood. And the left side has the left arium and ventricle and is the oxygen rich blood and pumps blood to the heart. Why do heart attacks happen?

Heart attacks happen because the heart rate gets to be more faster and the corony arteries gets filled up and when something gets gose through that part the heart gets pumping faster then make blood flow harder

So far we have learned inside of the heart has 2 valves one on the right side and two on the left side and an aorta, upper and lower vena cava and right ventricle, right atrium, and then there is a septum then it then then it goes up and then there is the the left atrium then the left ventricle and that’s it in the heart so far.!

Question; what does the valve do?

The flow of blood through the heart is through the upper/lower vena cava, right atrium,valve, right ventricle, pulminary arteries, then into the lungs. Then, it comes back into the heart through the pulmonary veins, into the left atrium, then the valve, then left ventricle and out of the heart through the aorta to the body. What if you lose so much blood that your body can’t get the blood into the lungs? For example, you get a shark attack and then you lose lots of blood, can you survive with a lot of blood loss?

well I think no because you need at least 3.3 litters of blood to stay alive, but if a shark bit you and u lost 2 litters you would die. 😦

I learned already that this is a closed system and it’s kind of connected with the respiratory system. It’s made up of capillaries, veins, blood, the heart, the lungs, valves, arteries. The heart pumps to the body and then it gives blood to the other parts of our body. Who discovered the circulatory system?

i thought that the video was really cool because it talked about
the heart a litle more spesificaly like what he valves were called
and what the muscular contraction was called for the heart.

i just have one question why does the heart have to pump 100,000
times a day any body know?

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