MATH: The Coordinate Plane

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Key terms from today’s lesson:

  • Coordinate Plane
  • x-axis
  • y-axis
  • Origin
  • Quadrant
  • Ordered Pair

Some of what we did today with the Coordinate Plane may have been a review, and some of it may be new.

Here are some tricks to help you:

  • Find the first quadrant and make a big “C” and that will help you remember which quadrant is II, III, and IV.
  • The x-axis is the horizontal one – remember it’s like when you sign your name at the X________.
  • The x-axis and the y-axis work just like number lines do when you work with integers.
  • X comes before Y in the alphabet and X always comes before Y in an ordered pair.
  • The “origin” is (0,0) – think O for Origin = 0 for zero – O=0

Here’s a Kahn Academy video with more of a review for you:

Finally, here is a link to a website where you can practice working with coordinate planes on the computer. 

Have fun!

~Ms. Morris


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