IRLA: Nouns, Pronouns, and Antecedents

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This week, we are paying careful attention to the parts of speech: nouns, pronouns and antecedents.

Remember, a noun can be:

  • a person  (like a doctor)
  • a place  (like a train station)
  • a thing  (like a necklace)
  • an idea  (like equality)
  • a quality  (like fairness)

Nouns can be proper (like: Grover Middle School, Chicago, Mary) or they can be common (like: school, city, girl).

Pronouns take the place of a noun in a sentence.  (Some examples are: he, she, it, they, us, we, them, ours, my, mine.)

It is also important to remember that the noun that the pronoun replaces is called the antecedent.

For more practice and review with these parts of speech, check out our parts of speech page.  (We will be having a quiz on these parts of speech next week!)

(How many nouns did you count in this blog post?  How many pronouns?)

~Ms. Morris


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7 Responses to “IRLA: Nouns, Pronouns, and Antecedents”

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there are aprocsomitly 16 nouns and 11 pronouns and mrs morris
i thuoght that mary or steve would be pronouns i dont know why
but i remember hearing that somware hmmmmm i dont know

mrs m i made a mistake steve and mary are propernouns sorry

Good catch! Steve and Mary are examples of proper nouns.

I found about 15 Nouns and about 15 pronouns in this blog post. I wonder how many are actually in this blog post.

13 nouns and 15 pronouns

16 nouns and 12 pronouns.

Their are 11 Nouns and 11 Pronouns.

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