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Today, we focused our historical fiction reading work around the theme of heroism.  Remember, heroism is found when a character(s) demonstrate bravery, courageous actions, are helpful toward others, and show strength – either physical or emotional.

In most historical fiction, the theme of heroism is present because of the other common themes such as social injustice, the quest for freedom, and human endurance or perseverance.

Here is a photo of the chart we used in class today.

Also, here is the poem we read in class.   If you wrote your own poem called “A Hero”, what would you write about?

A Hero

A Hero is someone looked up to,
Who others could love to be,
A Hero is someone, who is very courageous,
And willing to put their life aside for another’s happiness or well being,
A Hero is anybody, anybody who can make someone’s day,
Or to help out with a simple chore,
A Hero does not have to be successful,
Or to complete their great intention,
A Hero does not have to be able to fly,
Nor to have any other superhuman power,
A Hero can be of any sex, race, or species,
They do not have to be human,
A Hero is not somebody, who is good at everything,
They don’t even have to be good at very well anything,
A Hero is somebody, who could only listen,
They could make you smile with out any words,
A Hero is someone, who could stand up for you,
Or to agree in your beliefs,
A Hero could be your Teacher,
helping you learn towards your future,
A Hero is anybody, and everybody,
Everyone is someone’s Hero,
And everybody has a Hero.

Josh Carew :

~Ms. Morris


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I love that poem because I thought it reminded me of Superman 🙂 because he is very courageous and he ricks his life for people and especially Lois Lane 🙂 I would love to learn more about heroism in school.

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