IRLA: Rhyme Scheme, Alliteration, and Repetition

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Hey, everyone!  This week, our focus on poetry will be on how to identify and discus a poet’s use of rhyme scheme and a poet’s use of alliteration. We’ll also be taking a look at some interviews with poets to see what poetry means to each of them, and we’ll be looking at the use of repetition in poetry. At the end of the week, we’ll be exploring the idea of reading, reciting, and performing poetry as well – our own and someone else’s.

To get a head start on some of this week’s topics, here are some videos and tutorials for you on rhyme scheme, alliteration, and repetition.

Rhyme Scheme:

  • Do the ideas in this video remind you of any rhyme scheme you’ve encountered before?  
  • Have you ever had to label a rhyme scheme before?


  • Did this tutorial about alliteration remind you of any tongue twisters?  
  • Do you think alliteration with the letter “w” has the same effect in a poem as alliteration with the letter “s”?  Why or why not?

“Repetition” performed by Phil Kaye:

  • What do you think about the use of repetition in this poem?  
  • Do you find it ironic or purposeful that the poet uses repetition while he tells a story about how repetition can lessen the meaning of a word?  

Let’s get some good conversations going here on the blog this week!

~Ms. Morris 🙂


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8 Responses to “IRLA: Rhyme Scheme, Alliteration, and Repetition”

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I find it ironic that he says that repeating something will make it loose its meaning and he kept repeating words so they lost there meaning.

It is very ironic that he uses repetition in a poem that talks about how repetition makes ideas loose their meaning. Do you think that he did this on purpose? Do you think he was maybe actually saying that repetition helps us to remember? (That is sort of what I’m thinking at this point.)

~Ms. Morris

Well, i like how he expresses him self like about his life story and his parents divorcing each other ( i kinda have a connection about that

Ahmed, Making connections to the poems can be important when we do our analysis work. Why do you think he was writing about something as personal as his parents’ divorce? ~Ms. Morris

i think that he presented very well in his speech. He used a lot of emotions & expierences. But i just have 1 question. What is the lest video of the car?

Elizabeth, I know you like poetry that rhymes…what do you think about a poem like this that doesn’t use rhyme? Would it be as effective if it used rhyme? Why do you think? ~Ms. Morris

oh wait nevermind. that was something on my computer about that car thing. Sorry!

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