Week at a glance ~ 10/8/12 to 10/12/12

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GRAMMAR is back!
This week, after taking a break from grammar to address the selected quotes for the Week of Respect, we will resume our grammar DO NOWs.  We are going to take a look at what makes up a sentence and identify subjects and predicates.

Here is a good online resource to explore and practice subjects and predicates:  Subject Predicate Lesson.  We’ll then break those down into simple subjects and simple predicates.  Later in the week, we will go back to our work with pronouns and start to classify them, so we can better understand the types of pronouns, including subjective pronouns and objective pronouns.  (This explains the rules behind when we should use “me” and when we should use “I” in a sentence.)

This fun Schoolhouse Rock video is a good introduction to subjects and predicates:

We’re still WRITING our personal essays…
This week, we’ll continue gathering and nurturing ideas for our personal essay unit.  We’ll also take a look at a few more mentor texts to give us other examples of the many ways a personal essay can be written.  Please bring in some photographs to help generate ideas for personal essay topics this week.  (If you bring family photos, make sure they are copies you are allowed to bring to school first!)

Reading response work is due next on 10/19.  Please come see me early this week if you have any questions about setting up your response work for a two-week period.


  • We will go to the book fair on Thursday, 10/11.
  • All assignments submitted to me by the end of the school day on Friday have been updated in Infinite Campus.
  • Flex will be:
    • Monday – 3rd period
    • Tuesday – 4th period
    • Wednesday – 5th period
    • Thursday – 8th period
    • Friday – 4th period

~Ms. Morris 🙂


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39 Responses to “Week at a glance ~ 10/8/12 to 10/12/12”

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Hi, Miss Morris, I liked the Schoolhouse Rock video. It was so romantic and funny.


I agree with you about the video. It will really carve the definitions in my mind because I will have that song as a reminder…

I agree, Rohan. The Schoolhouse Rock video was funny, entertaining, and educational. It taught subjects and predicates in a funny way.

I am looking forward to the bookfair. It will be awesome because the books are completely new.

I agree, Mridul. It will be a lot of fun!

I think the book fair will be fun and exciting. Also, i think the E.G.G.S strategy is a great idea and its helping me alot!

Brian M. Pd 8

I agree, I think that the E. G. G. S. strategy is helpful, and it makes it easier for our expository essays to be essays rather than stories.

I also agree, I think the E.G.G.S. strategy will help us to think outside of our own actions and we get to think about the world and what happens around us.

Yeah, the books are really cool. I went during recess and they have a very big variety of books.

Are we going to have a quiz on all the grammer things we’re learning this week?

The next grammar quiz will be the week of 10/22.

Hello Miss Morris,
That was funny video about subjects and predicates. I can’t wait until the book fair on Thursday!

Hi Ms.Morris,
For the 2 week response, what is an example of a big response that could be extended for two weeks?

It depends on the book you are reading…come see me about it tomorrow.

I agree, the video was silly and funny. I am happy that we always go to the book fair every year.

I just wanted to say that if you have trouble concentrating at home becuase you are by a computer, phone, laptop etc. and you the sound of rain helps you concentrate then you can go to RainyMood.com and enjoy the sound of rain!

I agree; I think RainyMood.com along with a few of Yiruma’s pieces helps me go through homework a lot faster!

Ms.Morris for the pictures can they be quotes or do they have to be an image?

Try to bring in at least one picture of some kind…you can bring in additional quotes if you like, too.

Hi Mrs. Morris! I loved the Schoolhouse Rock Video! If there are anymore that pertain to what we’re doing, be sure to let me know!

I liked the shoolhouse rock video also and thanks for helping me with the resonse work

I can’t wait to go to the book fair! I am so excited to look at all the new books (and maybe buy one)! I also really liked the schoolhouse rock video. It was really cute 🙂

I liked the schoolhouse rock video. It was very catchy and will help me remember subjects and predicates. i also agree with brian that the E.G.G.S strategy is very useful and thanks for the extra help on the independent reding

i agree with michael, The schoolhouse rock video was really cool. now i will never forget how to find the subjects and predicates! the E.G.G.S strategy is really helping me form my personal essay, because i noticed in my previous essays i really didn’t have a good structure because i wasn’t sure what the proper structure was exactly…this essay is going to be way better than my first one!

I think that bringing in pictures is a good idea. It will help me generate ideas for my essay topics.

Bringing pictures is a good idea because it can help spark ideas. I would like to use more visual aids like this in the future.

I think doing more grammar worksheets helps me better than watching a video, but this one was really funny, so it’s easier to remember and I can really understand subjects and predicates more.

Is anyone reading a medieval book as their independent book?

Nope, sorry Tyler!

Can we do the school house thing again it was funny
Jeffrey O.

I agree with Jeffery, it was pretty fun!

The Book Fair was so fun! Lots of good books there i wish it was every month!


I am starting a new book called the Hunger Games anybody know about it?

YAY! do it again! i think i found one on youtube with antonyms and synonyms too.

actually i saw a schoolhouse rock video called conjunction junction and lolly’s adverbs that were also pretty catchy

The schoolhouse video was really funny and understandable and pretty sad but mostly romantic! I can understand why you showed us this video. 🙂

-Xenia Alecio

Hi, Miss Morris,
What books did you get from the book fair?

I got a few…The Hunger Games series, a book on Grammar, a nonfiction war memoir (I can’t remember the name right now), and a collection of novellas by Gary Paulsen. Oh, and I bought two of the very cool eraser sticks! 🙂 Did you find anything good today?

I didn’t get anything because I didn’t bring any money…
But I did put books on my wishlist!

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