Week at a glance ~ 10/22/12 to 10/26/12

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We’re drafting the personal essay this week!  Draft 1 will be due in class on Wednesday and draft  2 will be due at the end of class on Friday.  To read (and listen to) some more mentor texts and get ideas for your own essays, visit the This I Believe site for tons and tons of excellent essays. The site is certainly not devoid of options.

I’m really pleased with the reading response work that you bestowed upon me.  I was not aghast at all on Friday when I read them.  (See this comic I made on Bitstrips about it!)  When you get your rubrics back, please look at them carefully and muse over the things you will need to work on most for next time.  If you want to sign up for a mini lesson on incorporating more evidence in your reflections, citing sources, setting SMART goals, etc. please sign up for a mini lesson (on the small black bulletin board) and we’ll meet!

We’ll have a short grammar quiz this friday on subjects and predicates as well as subject and object pronouns.  To prepare, watch the BrainPOP videos for Subject and Predicate and the one for Personal Pronouns.

DIRECTIONS:  I hope you will heed this admonition; do not log in to BrainPOP.  Instead, log in through your Google account, and then when you see the black bar up at the top of the Google screen, click “more.”  That will bring down a menu and you will see an option for “BrainPOP.”  IF you don’t see the BrainPOP option right away, click into your “drive” first and then click “more” and you should see it.)  Click it, and it will take you to the BrainPOP site.  Once there, search for “Subject and Predicate” and “Personal Pronouns”, then watch the short videos.  Take the quizzes after each video and make sure you have the results sent to a spreadsheet (the 4th option in the list) by entering my email address.  I’ll get a notification that you took the quiz!  (These will be due by Friday.)

Check out this presentation for some additional help:

If you are unable to watch the videos and take the quizzes at home, I have headphones at the back computer in our classroom.  Be sure to get a pass from me and you can come watch the videos during Flex.

The next Wordly Wise assessment is a week from Wednesday.  I’ve used several words from list #3 in this blog post…can you find them all???  Most I used intentionally, but there was even one that I used unwittingly!


  • Personal essay draft 1 is due (end of class) on 10/24
  • Personal essay draft 2 is due (end of class) on 10/26
  • BrainPOP quizzes due by 10/26
  • Wordly Wise 3 study guide, proof of study and assessment on 10/31
  • Independent Reading Response #5 (IRR5) is due on 11/2
  • Flex will follow the regular rotation this week:
    • Monday – Period 3
    • Tuesday – Period 4
    • Wednesday – Period 5
    • Thursday – Period 8
    • Friday – Period 5

~Ms. Morris πŸ™‚


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20 Responses to “Week at a glance ~ 10/22/12 to 10/26/12”

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Words: bestow, devoid, bestowed, aghast, muse, admonition, and unwittingly.

Ms.Morris I don’t see the brain pop link thing there

Try clicking into your “drive” first and then click “more.”

My Google account doesn’t have the BrainPop option in the More section. I checked in my products and BrainPop isn’t one of them.

Try clicking into your “drive” first and then click “more.”

Thank You
It Worked!!!

Thanks it worked

Are we supposed to take the graded quiz or review quiz at the end of the BrainPops?

Graded quiz.

Devoid, bestowed, aghast, muse, admonition, and unwittingly are the words from WW3

Miss Morris,
What is the e-mail address we are supposed to send the results to?

My school email. melissa (dot) morris (at) ww-p.org But make sure you send it to the spreadsheet first! πŸ™‚

Um Ms.Morris i followed the directions i hit drive and the more brain pop but its not loading I’ve been waiting here for a long time. What should i do? I retried it, it just wont work.

Try in Flex tomorrow. See if Mrs. Fisher can help you!

Hey! There is no 4th option on the list after I take the quiz! What is the problem here?

If you can’t find the spreadsheet option through the Google account, take it normally and email the results to me.

Ms. Morris:
Since you weren’t here today, how am I supposed to retype for draft 2 if I handed in the draft 1? Should I draft on lined paper instead?

We are in the computer lab tomorrow. πŸ™‚ The 2nd draft is due at the end of the period tomorrow.

Ms. Morris, in the Infinite Campus, it says that the 2nd draft of the personal essay is due on this friday. But today on the homework board it didn’t say anything about our 2nd draft. Can you tell me when the 2nd draft is due? I’m confused.

Infinite Campus is corrct. Draft 2 is due at the end of the period tomorrow. https://missmorrisblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/week-at-a-glance-102212-to-102612/

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