Portfolios and Portfolio Presentations (for Personal Essay Unit)

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Now that we are almost finished with the the personal essay, we can focus more on the portfolios and the presentations for this unit of study.

Your portfolio (created in Google Sites) must include items from the following checklist:

  • Purpose of the Unit – in your own words and connected to the real world
  • Process work – thorough evidence of your drafts, revisions, and edits
  • Published pieces – the final, published essay clear of revision notes and any errors
  • Reflection entries – written during (and/or about) various stages of the unit that show where you got your ideas, the new things you learned or tried, where you may have struggled the most and how you overcame it, the goals you set, and how you are attempted to reach those goals

You may also add additional items, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Images, videos, or music that inspired you during this unit
  • Related links and resources
  • Mentor texts that you found helpful
  • Audio or video recordings of yourself explaining your work
  • Scans of notebook pages

HOW you get these items into your portfolio is entirely up to you.  You are in control of the design. 🙂

Be creative and practical as you problem-solve and self-direct yourself through ways to get these items in your portfolio.  Use your information literate research skills to guide you.  Consider how you can best effectively communicate your ideas.  

In conjunction with preparing the contents and artifacts in the portfolio, you will will also present your work during this unit for a separate grade.  This presentation will require that you verbally articulate and show evidence of:

  • an understanding of the problem/purpose for the unit of study
  • growth and progress (the steps taken by the student to grow) during the unit
  • a big “take-away” from the unit and how it connects with the real world
  • SMART goals set during the units and revised SMART goals for future work
  • all required artifacts from the portfolio checklist
  • any other self-initiated artifacts in the portfolio

When you prepare to present your work, remember that this work is meant to connect to the real world and to global concerns.  The skills you gain during the unit, and those you use to present your work, will help you to be an effective and valuable team member when working with others in the future.

We will be in the computer lab on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, but please do not wait to work on your portfolios until then.  You may work on them from home.  See this link for more information about adding to the portfolio, the presentation, and for the rubric.  Also, the handout is embedded below:

~Ms. Morris 🙂


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33 Responses to “Portfolios and Portfolio Presentations (for Personal Essay Unit)”

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When are we presenting our portfolios?

Not this coming week, but the week after.

How do you post the different documents of your drafts in the portfolio like you showed us in class on Friday?

You edit the page, mark where you want to insert it, click insert(top left), then click document and select the document. You need to have access to the document from your school email (…….@ww-p.org).

no, I did not mean how to put the document on the portfolio. I already know how to do that. I meant how do you put the list of files in the portfolio. You know, for Example, it is like where on file is draft 1, on file is draft 2, one file is draft 3, and so on. For this, you click on the file and it will go to the document.

[…] For help with the portfolios and to prepare for the presentation, visit this blog post. […]

Ms. Morris,

I am not able to work on the portfolio at home because google is not working on my computer. What should I do?

Pranavi,you could try and restart your computer and you could check if your internet is working properly. Are you on a windows computer?

[…] the remaining time left this period, you may work on your portfolio.  Remember tovisit this post for more information about portfolio requirements and […]

Do we have to put our Reflection Entries in the Reflection Journal section? I made a page for my entries under my 7th Grade Personal Essay section.

Do we need a 7th Grade Personal Essay section or can we just put our essay in the 7th Grade Independent Writing section and the reflection under the Reflection Journal section?

You do need a “7th grade Personal Essay” section in the portfolio. Reflections can be in the Reflection Journal or in the Personal Essay section, as long as you can easily navigate to them when you present.

Ms. Morris,
Could you remind me when the presentations are going to be?

We will start with volunteers on Monday!

Ms. Morris, I left my personal folder at school on Wednesday and therefore can’t take images of the paper versions of my drafts. What should I do?

Hi Jakob. Do the best with what you have at home. We won’t get through everyone’s presentations in one day, so if you don’t present tomorrow, you can add the items Monday night.

Alright, thanks!

Ms. Morris:
Can you show us an example portfolio before we present? This is so that I know what to do.

Hi Mridul. I’m purposely not showing you guys a full presentation because there is no one “right way” to present. I expect that everyone will give a very different presentation. All of the information you need is provided through the rubric and the blog post: https://missmorrisblog.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/portfolios-and-portfolio-presentations-for-personal-essay-unit/

Ms. Morris:
I made my presentation a slideshow and I put my Reflections in Google Docs. Is this okay?

Mridul, as long as all of your materials are accessible via the portfolio and you can navigate through them easily when you present, that sounds fine. (The presentation and Google docs need to be included in the portfolio somewhere.)

Ms. Morris:
What is the next unit for writing about?
I need to know this to write my SMART Goal for the next unit.
Also, how can we connect this unit to other units if this is our first unit?

The next writing unit is the literary essay. (You can try to connect what you did during personal essay with what you did last year in personal narrative, or you can think about how it will be similar/different to the literary essay, or you can consider where you might write another personal essay in the future.)

Ms. Morris:
Sorry to disturb you again, but I was wondering how we show revision work if Google Docs automatically shows the most recent edit. If we opened the page, I don’t believe there is a way to view the previous drafts. If there is, please tell me!

There are MANY ways you can show evidence of your revisions. Keep in mind that during your presentation, you won’t need to show EVERY revision you made through all of your drafts — if you did that, we wouldn’t even get through one presentation in a period. Instead, try to focus on the areas of growth that are the greatest or most significant to you.

If you have the electronic drafts with your handwritten revisions, you can scan them and attach the images.

If you have the drafts saved as separate documents, you can add separate links to each document.

If you have saved them as PDF files (something you can do in the future each time you print out a draft), you can upload them as attachments.

If you can navigate through the revision history in your document, you can take a screen shot of the actual revisions you made (this shows them in color).

You could scan or type the reflections you made after each of the handwritten revisions.

You could also cut and paste short sections of the essay that will demonstrate strong revisions. For example, you might show the way your introduction was originally written, and then your introduction in the final copy.

In other words, it is up to you! 🙂

What if you didn’t set a Smart goal at the beginning or during the personal essay unit? How would you fulfill that requirement?

You can set one now based on what you learned through writing the personal essay.

Thanks! Also, isn’t the take-away from the unit the problem/purpose of the unit in our own words?

Not exactly…the problem/purpose is how you would define the unit (as it might pertain to anyone who would write or read a personal essay)…the takeaway is something specific you personally experienced/learned/discovered because of reading personal essays and writing one yourself during the unit.

For the purpose of the unit, isn’t included in the SMART goal we set at the beginning of the unit or should I explain it in a separate paragraph.

Remember that you will be SPEAKING during the presentation, not READING from the portfolio…so where you place the information is up to you.

You will just need to navigate through the portfolio easily as you present. If it makes sense to you to have it in one place, keep it there. If it will be easier for you to present (and clearer for your audience to follow) if you have it in different locations, separate it.

Ms. Morris,

Do we need a separate section for the “take-away”?

You don’t need a separate section…unless you think it is necessary to have one. The design is up to you!

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