Optional Writing Assignment ~ Officer Larry DePrimo

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You may have already seen this heartwarming and inspiring photograph taken in New York City by Jennifer Foster…maybe on the news, maybe on Twitter or Facebook.  The officer in this photograph is named Larry DePrimo, and he is a NYC police officer.

The photo, and the story behind it, has quickly found a very special place in my heart, and I want to share it with all of you.


Your optional writing assignment is to research what is happening in this photo.  You must use at least two separate sources, and your sources may include articles or videos from news channels.  After you complete your research and have a good understanding of the story behind the photo, write a response based on what you’ve learned.

Your response can be in the form of either:

1)  a letter to Officer Larry DePrimo


2)  a personal essay written in response to this event

The assignment will be worth 10 bonus points in your Reading and Writing section of the grade book.  The final writing piece should be shared with me via Google docs.  A works cited page must accompany your writing piece.

~Ms. Morris 🙂


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5 Responses to “Optional Writing Assignment ~ Officer Larry DePrimo”

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Ms. Morris, where do we get the article about this photograph?

Ms. Morris,

What do we call he Google Document. Should I call it “Pranavi L. Period 8 – Optional Writing Assignment”, or “Pranavi L. Period 8 – Larry DePrimo Response”?


I’d go with the second one, because we’ll probably have other “optional writing assignments” in the future. Good thinking!

If we decide to write a letter to the police officer, then we write in an academic voice, right?

Not necessarily. You can write it as a friendly letter.

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