Week at a glance ~ 12/3/12 to 12/7/12

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Monday (tomorrow) is our team day!
For those of you participating in the activity to write our team motto and design a logo that represents our team, check your Google drive for a handout.  

READING and WRITING work will continue with Freak the Mighty this week.  Those partnerships who are still reading Freak the Mighty should plan to be finished or close to finished by the end of the week.  Those partnerships who have already finished Freak the Mighty will be reading Max the Mighty, Stargirl, Benjamin Dove, or an assortment of short stories to continue the character analysis work.   Please see me when your partnership is finished with Freak the Mighty so that I can work with you to choose the next reading option.  CSRR2 is due on December 14th.

Also, we will continue to take the chapter comprehension assessments. We will be testing on chapters 11-15 and then on chapters 16-20 this week.  (Remember that after you initially take the assessment, you can correct it in pen and earn back any points you may have missed.)

We will begin taking a closer look at our response work from CSRR1 and our new response work to find possible thesis ideas for our literary essays.

GRAMMAR lessons this week are available online.  There are two concepts to learn/review.  The first is What is an adverb? and the second is called Split Infinitives.”  Your “out of class” work is to visit these links and follow the directions on the page.  You will need to copy notes into your grammar section of your binder.  I will be checking my spreadsheets to see that you have completed the check for understanding for each topic.

The adverb assignment needs to be completed before class on Thursday, and the split infinitives assignment needs to be completed before class on Friday.  (If you have any trouble at home with the BrainPOP app or with internet access in general, be sure to make other arrangements such as going to the library, a friend’s house, or using the school computers to complete these assignments.)

Your “in class” grammar warm-up work this week will be to review and apply these concepts. We will be using the Freak the Mighty text, as well as our own writing, for additional examples and opportunities for application.


  • Monday is our team day!  (There is no class tomorrow, but please remember that your Google doc for the recipe project should be shared with me by Tuesday.  The proper format for the title of the document should be:  Melissa M. Period 1 – Recipe Project.
  • We will be in the computer lab on Wednesday for our WW5 assessment.
  • Fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy efforts is on Thursday night.
  • Due dates and assignment descriptions for IRLA assignments are available through Infinite Campus.
  • Flex rotation this week will be:
    • Monday – Period 3
    • Tuesday – Period 4
    • Wednesday – TBA
    • Thursday – Period 5
    • Friday – Period 8

I’m looking forward to a fun team day tomorrow!  🙂

~Ms. Morris


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22 Responses to “Week at a glance ~ 12/3/12 to 12/7/12”

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Hi Miss Morris, thanks for the heads up. This week sounds really fun! I can’t wait to finish Freak the Mighty. I am also really excited for the team day! I am not sure what I am doing for the team day, so it will be a surprise!

So, was the team day everything you expected? We’d really like you guys to help plan upcoming team days, so make sure you share your ideas. The blog would be a good place to do that!

So, can we do the 2 BrainPops whenever? But obviously before the due date.


Ms. Morris,

There is something wrong with my Noodle Tools account, so I can’t site anything. When I try to research about it on the district website, it says that I am not eligible to see it. (Even when I’m logged onto my school account.) Can you please help me?

Hmm…not sure what is going on. (Take a screenshot if you can and we’ll try to figure it out tomorrow.)

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have an idea to help Pranavi?

If I did not do well on the adverb BrainPop but I understand it now that I took the quiz again. I wanted to send it to you but it wouldnt let me. I just wanted to tell you ahead of time.

Julia, I’m glad that you understand it now…what do you mean it wouldn’t let you send?

It would only let me send my first time doing the quiz to your spreadsheet. It wouldnt let me send the second time.

Let me know if that happens again. I have gotten multiple submissions from several students before. Maybe it was a glitch?

Just making sure, is the adverb assignment just to copy down the notes and do the BrainPop, or is there something I’m missing?

Notes, video, and BrainPOP quiz. 🙂

Ms.Morris for the read 180 program do you know the link to it because I cant find it and i want to practice at home

I can help you with this tomorrow, after school. 🙂

about the recipe, is it ok if we have exactly 500 word or does it have to be only 450-499 words?

As long as it is not too far over 500 words or under 450, you will be fine!

How can we prewrite for the Recipe Personal essay? I only found narrative prewriting strategies in my writing notebook…

We also went over expository ones and had a handout for that…Maybe you put it in your WN? You can also check the handouts on the blog or ask me for another copy in class tomorrow.

I found a sheet on expository writing… Can we use the expository prewriting strategies for our personal essay?

Of course.

Is their a brainpop for the split infinitives?

Nope. Just the form at the end of the lesson.

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