Revision tip: Revise one thing at a time

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Revision can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  If we set out to revise for one thing at a time, revision can actually feel like a successful and rewarding experience!

Here are some steps to break down your revision work so that you revise for one thing at a time:

1)      Decide what your purpose for revision will be.

  • Vocabulary and word choice?  Sentence structure?  Transitions?  Dialogue?  Etc.

2)      Select a correcting pen (purple, red, green, orange, turquoise) to use.

3)      Write the date and the purpose for revision in the top, left margin of the draft with the correcting pen that you selected.

4)      Read through your entry and revise as needed – make all revisions with the selected correcting pen.

5)      You may make additional revisions beyond the ones that you initially set out to do if you come across them, but don’t try to revise too much at once.

6)      Quickly reflect at the end of the revision work, still using the same correcting pen. 

  • How did it go?  Did you need to do a lot of revision of that type?  What other things (patterns) did you notice about your writing that might need to be revised?  What should you do next?

7)      Choose a new pen color and repeat steps 3-7.

How does this strategy work for you?  Leave a comment below and get a conversation going!

~Ms. Morris


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