“ONE of the Billions” by Akash I.

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The slow hum of the LS-391 coming to life shattered my hope of escaping.  For all of the last two decades, I thought that I could stay hidden, but as more of my kind disappeared I soon faced the dreadful truth, I was the last one.  

“Stay still,” the robot voice droned as the sharp sting of the laser pierced through my clammy skin.

I had heard many rumors about this procedure by my old friends, but never imagined that the extent of the burning pain would reach this level. My number was being crafted into me against my will, yet, I dared not to let out a single sound, fearing that if I screamed it would just show weakness on my part. As each digit was carved, the guilt that was burdened on me grew larger and larger. Every single person that I have known loved and met had entrusted me with all their hope, even the ones that have never met me were counting on me to succeed. Luckily none of them could come here to remind me of my failure even though I have still let all 9,532,863,741 of them down, including me.

“Operation Complete,” the computer informed, as the titanium-plated device gradually came to a stop, “you may now depart to the gate opening.”

My body felt numb, the only thing I could feel was the tingling sensation which covered my neck.Two automatons escorted me out of the room, maintaining their tight clasp around my grimy arms. We walked past a glass hallway filled with bright buttons and several Wildnet, (Wi-Fi over a long-distance network), transmitters positioned on the rooftop. When the Wildnet project first started, people called it, “A great miracle of technology”. Of course back then no one knew the power it would give to the person who had control over it.

I was led into an immense blue dome filled with walls containing a thick, jelly-like substance. The structure reminded me of the artificial silicone jellyfish Medusoids I used to catch in the sub-Atlantic sea. As I thought more about the memory an eerie question started to roll over me: Where was I going?  Every day of our lives we would only hear of south or sub, never north. To most the north is nothing more than a myth or legend, but I know that it does exist. The only way to actually reach the north is to be exiled, in which you have to be one of my kind. After super-storm Pedro all civilization collapsed, forcing everyone to move down to the Arctica region. The whole entire world was completely shut off to us in the fear that destiny would repeat itself. “Peeeeep”, the sound of the sliding doors opening snapped me back to reality. The doors revealed a Holo-Screen manned by a familiar looking android, but of course there was no way of telling them apart due to the fact that they all looked the same.

“Come in,” the android exclaimed, “I have been awaiting your arrival!”

I half expected banners and party hats in order to celebrate my capture, but the only thing that was new was the stains my shoes left on the chrome floor.

I was pleased to finally hear some sort of tone, even if it came from another can of metal. There was a flicker on the Holograph followed by the words Personal File in bold. The bionic human started to input all of my data. Name. Age. Gender, etc. The high-pitched beeps of the keypad followed every letter, reminding me of all the events that had occurred. My muscles tensed as I waited for my own fate to be decided for me. Beads of sweat slithered down my face, soaking my striped uniform. How could we let them take over and multiply so fast, I asked myself, we created them for the good of the people, but now they decide our rights? Before I could think any further the beeping of the pad had hastily come to a stop. I glanced at the screen, and to my surprise, one category was blank-Reason for Imprisonment.

I stared at the humanoid’s expressionless face, wondering why he had halted. Could it be that there are some feelings inside all those wires, I thought to myself, or is it just that there has been a short circuit? Before I could put my finger on an answer the remaining five letters had been typed in. I eyed that one word for a long time, being that it would probably be the last term that I saw. Such a simple word which has been used millions of times, but now it was my worst enemy, in bold was written…human.


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2 Responses to ““ONE of the Billions” by Akash I.”

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great job Akash nice story. Very interesting. Hope to see what is coming up next!!:)

Was this your scenario for SW last year?
I’m not really sure which topic you decided to use. It seems like a little bit of both Robotics Age and Ocean Soup.

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