“The Worst Gift a Person Could Ever Get” by Varshini Y.

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Why should people be mean to others? I really don’t get it.

Being mean is the worst gift a person can give to another person. It basically destroys the person’s way of trusting other people and especially sometimes, the person refuses to mingle with others.

I feel really bad when people are mean to me. I understand how it feels, so I am mostly never really mean to others unless they’re mean to me. People are mean to me because I’m new, sometimes. People make fun of me. I don’t really care unless they mean it.

One day, I went a classroom where everyone was unknown to me, to meet my teacher. I had to do my speech. While saying it out loud, I did make some mistakes like everyone else. I found it strange that after that day whenever those people saw me, they made fun of me. That’s being mean, isn’t it? It’s also being rude, I guess. It made me feel like crying. I was feeling sad. I was feeling angry! I was feeling horrible!

Sometimes, people are mean to others for something they didn’t do at all!! Like, to me… Sometimes, people would be mean to me because I was younger than the people in my class.

Some of my classmates were looking at something. “Can I see it too?” I asked. “Nope! You’re too young to talk to us and so, you don’t get to see this!”, they said as they started laughing at me. “Please?” “Go away little girl! You’re still a baby. Hahah!!!”  They kept laughing. I frowned and went away to mind my own business.

I really feel like being so mean to them that they learn a lesson about how people feel when they are been mean to and after that, they would never be mean to anyone unless the person really really needs me to be mean. But, unfortunately I can’t do that because I don’t want to be called a meanie. and I actually am one of the people who others are mean to so I don’t have the guts to do that but, never stop dreaming. Dream big! Haha….I actually know that if I could do that, I’ll die from happiness!

I totally dislike people who are mean. I try my best to avoid them so that:

1: I don’t learn being mean to others from them and

2: I neither be made fun of nor get treated badly for something I didn’t do.

I make mistakes very often and I don’t think that others don’t make mistakes at all. They do. Why should I be made fun of when I’m not the only one doing something wrong which isn’t on purpose? I don’t know about others but, I never am mean to people for making mistakes or for doing nothing. I’m not mean unless I need to be mean.

Even some days ago, something bad happened to me which actually wasn’t what people think happened. For that, I was made fun of for a long time. After that, I promised myself that I’ll never ever be mean to others for no reason.

I really feel that before making fun of people for something they did, meanies should know what actually happened. Anyway, being mean is really bad and I strongly believe that it will have a strong impact on how people treat the person who is mean(the meanie) and his/ her habits and way of thinking and  also the victim’s personality and attitude towards others.

I hate people who are mean, don’t you?

If you’re mean to others, change yourself. Be nice. Believe me, it’ll help you a lot.


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