“Animal Testing” by Chelsea L.

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Each year more than 100 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing. While scientists might be trying to help people, they’re also killing and injuring many animals on the way. Some people may think that killing an animal is worth saving a person, while others think that an innocent animal has just as much right to live than a human. Animal testing should be banned because the animals are getting seriously harmed; additionally, the tests do not provide accurate information.

It is inhumane to test on animals and hurt them. Hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded and killed each year by cruel companies for cosmetic testing, household cleaners and other consumer products. Animals are forced to inhale toxic fumes, chemicals rubbed into their eyes and skin, and even force-fed pesticides (PETA). Even if the product reacts negatively on the animal, it is still legal to sell the product to consumers. It is tragic that this kind of animal abuse is happening and many people are not even aware of it.

Products tested on animals can react differently on humans. When testing drugs on animals, Over 54% of the side effects are not detectable. This can result to depression, hearing damage and other serious physical and mental side effects for humans. Also, animals identify so many side effects which never result in humans. Studies show that 75% of the side effects that appear on animals are meaningless to humans (Vivisection Information Network). The question is, if people don’t stop animal testing, what will happen to humans?

Animal testing should be banned. Instead of hurting poor innocent animals, products should be tested on volunteers or those already in a poor condition and willing to let scientists test on them. This will stop hurting the animals and there wouldn’t be any adverse reactions because the product is tested on a human and used by a human. Products being tested on a human is much more reasonable than hurting and killing millions of animals.

Animal testing should be banned because it hurts millions of poor animals each year and can even hurt humans because of adverse reactions. One can make a difference and can help stop animal testing by buying only cruelty-free products and donating to only charities that don’t experiment on animals. Together, humans can make a difference and stop animal testing.

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