“MOVIE REVIEW: Thor: The Dark World” by Sasha S.

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Thor: The Dark World
MARVEL, the big comic publishers and the movie creators, have accomplished one more amazing movie called “Thor: The Dark World.” MARVEL has published comics like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, the Avengers and more. Recently, they have made movies and television episodes of these superheroes. They have made Iron Man, The Avengers, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor (1 and 2), and so much more! The Thor series truly is the best, I would say.
In the first movie of Thor, which was only titled “Thor”, was an amazing movie. The movie had many great actors. It featured: Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, and so many awesome actors who had awesome roles! In this movie, the main character, Thor, is a show off. He goes into other “unpeaceful” realms (worlds) to create peace. He does this crazy job only because he has the power to. What I mean by that is Thor has an ultimate hammer that knocks people out! He also has the strength, and the friends to complete these things. He bashes the bad rulers of the realms into pieces! Literally. He takes his hammer and hits them with a smash to their gut. Thor’s father, Oden, who is the king of Asgard (Thor’s realm), finds Thor unworthy of his hammer because all he uses it for, in Asgard, is popularity. Oden gets very infuriated, thus sending Thor to Earth. Oden also takes Thor’s hammer and puts a spell on it telling Thor how to get it back. He says: “If you be worthy, you shall possess the power of Thor.” Then he sends the hammer to Earth as well. Thor meets a scientist named Jane Foster, and other scientists who are Jane’s best friends. You will have to watch the movie to find out more.
In the sequel, Jane Foster is trying to find Thor desperately (because she misses him), but ends up touching the most dangerous thing that gets stuck inside her body, and that has the power to destroy Asgard. A bad guy comes looking for her in search of the item. Thor and Jane run away from the situation. It is very interesting. Thor also goes to his brother, Loki, who has betrayed his realm, for help. Thor wants the item away from the bad guys, away from Jane, and away from anyone’s reach.
These two movies are MARVEL’s best work, and I would recommend this series dearly.

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