“Camp 21” by Shreya G.

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There was a town. It wasn’t much different from others. It wouldn’t have seemed to be a threat to the national security to outsiders, but it was. The way it was founded wasn’t liked. The way it grew crops wasn’t liked. They way children were raised wasn’t liked. There was no one strange thing about this town. Just that the whole town was made wrong. Now, some people didn’t like having something wrong or different. No, they wanted everything to be just right. This, is why the town was destroyed, taken apart brick by brick until nothing was left. It seems impossible that a whole town, a living, breathing system, could be taken apart in a matter of minutes. Yes, it seemed impossible, but I assure you, it was possible and it was done.

That morning, the chicken performed its usual ballad but something was different. The air didn’t have the warm cozy feeling in it that it usually had in this familiar country town. It felt as though someone had stolen all the warmth and happiness that had nestled into the town decades ago when the firsts settlers established the farming community. For the little girl that lived on the Bishop’s farm, she felt the change the most. Growing up in a place where the sun shined every day and the familiar people were always bustling, this atmosphere was polar opposite to what she was used to. Though this child wasn’t old enough to truly understand the devastation that had hit this community, she knew that something was not quite right, and as that day went on, she knew something was definitely not right.

The day carried on normally, her father had went out to the fields to plant this springs seeds while her mother baked her famous pecan pie to donate to the food drive. It was like any other summer morning dotted with bouts of boredom, crankiness, and agitation. Somehow, the girl kept busy and as sundown came, she was almost relieved. To her, the evening was the best time of day. The commotion quieted and she felt a tranquility in the world. The usual events of her evenings included watching TV or taking a walk but this day was different form others.

The girl was in the middle of pondering what to do that evening when she heard a bang. A loud, ghastly thing that would make you jump, high up into the air. The bang was followed by a chorus of shots, and more bangs. The girl screamed as men dressed in black raided the house. The girl didn’t linger to find out what would happen next. She ran up the stairs, heart pounding, through the second floor onto the terrace. She saw organized troops of men raiding the houses of her neighbors below where inhabitants ran outside looking as frightened as herself. Nearby were men dressed similarly smashing in the windshields of cars. She listened for the sounds of the men within the house, silence. The girl leaned over the edge of the terrace to see if they had left. Masked in confusion, she panted heavily as she turned only to be face to chest with a man dressed in black. Yet another scream slipped from her mouth. The man carried her wriggling body from the terrace to outside where her neighbors were being escorted similarly.

There were flashing lights and screams of confused civilians. The men disregarded the people’s cries and shoved them randomly into huge vans. She screams continued as the girl tried to escape the grip of the man who tried to shove her into the truck. The doors of her truck closed and she was left in darkness among other scared and confused citizens. She strained to look out a dirty window and into the night. She could barely make out helicopters and other vans that followed hers. They traveled this way for what seemed like hours but soon arrived at the destination. She had noticed that her van and four others were the only ones that had pulled into the gravely drive of an enclosed facility. Two men opened the door of the van and pulled out the people.

It was pitch dark until large floodlights attached to the fencing of the enclosure switched on, blinding the prisoners. The girl squinted and saw a sign that had been nailed to the gateway of the compound. It read, Camp 21.

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Is this based off “Escape From Camp 14”?

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