“Cirque du Freak Book Review” by Nisha S.

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In real life, not everything goes the way you want it. Not everything is going to be a fairytale where the prince finds the princess and they get married and live happily ever after. The book I read was called Cirque du Freak. This is a quick and easy to read thriller. Darren the main characters life turned upside down.  Everyone thinks this story is about vampires but its really about how But Darren fights through his  problems and tries to act normal.

One day Steve, Darren’s best friend, finds a poster that is for a freak show. Darren gets to go with Steve. Well…of course they will be happy. So they go and Steve tells Darren that Mr.Crepsley is a vampire. Darren does not believe him and later that night steals Mr.Crepsley’s Spider Madame Octa. He shows it to Steve and Madam Octa bites Steve letting poison spill into his  blood. Mr.Crepsley finds him but only takes Madame Octa. Darren later meets up with him. “Well…Darren I see that you had taken Madame Octa.” “How…did..you..you find me?” “Well I can find everyone,plus I know you were there when I met your…friend Steve Leonard. There is a lot of tension building between  these two. Also Darren has only two choices save Steve and become a vampire or save himself and let Steve die. But he does whatever he thinks is right and chooses to become a half-vampire.

Mr. Crepsley is a 140 year old vampire with orange hair and a scar on his face. he is tall and likes to dress in red.  He eats bagels and bread like a regular human but he can’t live without human blood. Mr. Crepsley tried to make Darren drink human blood because human blood is very important for a vampire. But Darren refuses since he was  also a human before Mr. Crepsley calls him a fool and tells him that he will die if he does not drink the blood.The story continues with Mr. Crepsley telling  Darren to fake  his death and later that night he will come and digging Darren up from his casket. Later the two wander off into the night.

Many people will relate to Darren’s experience about having a dilemma that is very hard to choose from. This story does not have a wonderful fairy tale ending, like Disney princess movies. But it proves one thing very well.  Darren Shan the author of the book makes characters very exciting and life-like that you would want to read more about them.

Shan, Darren. Cirque Du Freak. Boston: Little, Brown, 2001. Print.


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