“The Meeting” by Jagdeep G.

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I think that helping people is for the good of humanity. If not me then who? If you don’t help someone or do something nice for someone who will? If nobody did anything good the whole world would be devastated their would be war every where over the littlest of things. It would be very hard to maintain the earth’s glory. Many places would be annihilated. There is a if not me then who moment in my life that I will never forget.

We had just arrived. I jumped out of the car and took in all the sunlight and fresh air I could. I had been in the car for about two hours. We entered the building it had all started then…

We had went inside to pay for the repairs and get the keys for the car. Someone had smashed into our car so we had gotten the door fixed. It had taken a while because my dad had to fill out all this paperwork confirming that he had paid for it and sign other stuff. As we were about to leave a lady had been walking in generously she had kept the door open for me and my parents, I was the last one to walk out and I had forgotten to say thank you so the lady had said “YOU’RE WELCOME” in an angry tone.

I had found it strange that she had waned acknowledgement for doing something good. It’s not about acknowledgement it’s about helping one another in time of need or to be polite. When people do community service they don’t want recognition they want to help. Wanting acknowledgement for doing something good is like asking for money. I don’t understand why she had wanted acknowledgement it wouldn’t help her prosper in life or anything.

There is another if not me then who moment in my life. It had happened last year our team was doing a day of service. I was on 6b. We were making blankets for the elderly It was really fun and it had helped other people out I got to help make another one with extra material. This had made me feel good I did not want money acknowledgement or anything.

This inspired me to help people. Why do people volunteer for things? Not for acknowledgement or money. Helping people is very good because we are helping people who aren’t as fortunate as we are. People who might not have much money, or maybe people who have lost their parents. Helping people to me is nice and a very good thing to do. I’m thankful for all I have and I would like to give to the less fortunate.


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