“Having A Ball” By Akash I.

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The usual sight of cars speeding along the busy channel and the typical cacophony of honking vehicles didn’t get my normal attention.  No, I was set on catching up to my runaway tennis ball.  I made my way through the billows of charcoal smoke coming from the autos, buses, and taxis as I plowed across the intersection, trying not to choke to death.   After I was safely across the street, I continued my mad pursuit of the ball, which I could swear had a mind of its own.   In a flash, the ball was eluding me again by bouncing down the escalator to the Metro.   I bounded down the stairs trying to keep the ball in my sights.  When I reached the platform, I looked to the right, to the left, but to no avail.  My ball was nowhere.  Okay, let’s try to accept the fact that the ball is a goner, I thought to myself.  

I beheld an unknown sight- ragged tent-like shelters were lined up in the corner of the platform.  A foul odor assaulted my nose as I tried to determine what I was looking upon.   Gaggles of people, young and old, were gathered around their individual hovels.  They appeared to be scrawny and dirty, wearing nothing but torn rags.

A flash of neon green caught my eye, forcing me to investigate.   I trotted closer to the brief exhibit of color, and stumbled over – to my amazement- the ball!  My heart jumped for joy.  Aren’t the simple things in life sublime? I picked up my prize and ambled along the people mover that inclined up and out of the Metro.

Once out in the smoggy afternoon, I turned right and walked past a line of sparkling silver and glass buildings.  Lovely sounds of musical instruments and singsong voices tickled my ears.  I looked up and saw brightly lit boards that carried an array of colorful pictures on them.  The sidewalk was so crowded with people that I could barely squeeze through the hectic throng.  As quickly as the spectacular scene had unfolded before my eyes, it vanished, giving way to the tired old polluted atmosphere. Oh, everything good must come to an end, I admitted to myself as I recognized the avenue my loft was on. I hurried across the now silent street and onto the rough grey sidewalk. My eyes shifted from place to place, trying to zoom in on my final destination. There it is, I thought to myself as I scampered up the crude steps into the gloomy anterior of the apartment complex.

A dark figure waited in the dimly lit hallway, staring at me with a look of anticipation. The light was bright enough for me to make out the familiar scar which loomed over his left eyebrow. The man leisurely strode towards me, signaling me to approach him. He reached out and took the tennis ball from my grasp, and then scrutinized it as if it were evidence from a crime scene. The man looked up at me and smiled warmly as he ruffled my golden hair.

“You won’t believe how worried I was about you boy. When you darted after that ball, I was concerned that you would get lost!” he exclaimed. “But I can’t blame you, I don’t think there’s such thing as a dog who can resist a game of fetch.”


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