Portfolios and Portfolio Presentations (for Personal Essay Unit)

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Now that we are almost finished with the the personal essay, we can focus more on the portfolios and the presentations for this unit of study.

Your portfolio (created in Google Sites) must include items from the following checklist:

  • Purpose of the Unit – in your own words and connected to the real world
  • Process work – thorough evidence of your drafts, revisions, and edits
  • Published pieces – the final, published essay clear of revision notes and any errors
  • Reflection entries – written during (and/or about) various stages of the unit that show where you got your ideas, the new things you learned or tried, where you may have struggled the most and how you overcame it, the goals you set, and how you are attempted to reach those goals

You may also add additional items, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Images, videos, or music that inspired you during this unit
  • Related links and resources
  • Mentor texts that you found helpful
  • Audio or video recordings of yourself explaining your work
  • Scans of notebook pages

HOW you get these items into your portfolio is entirely up to you.  You are in control of the design. 🙂

Be creative and practical as you problem-solve and self-direct yourself through ways to get these items in your portfolio.  Use your information literate research skills to guide you.  Consider how you can best effectively communicate your ideas.  

In conjunction with preparing the contents and artifacts in the portfolio, you will will also present your work during this unit for a separate grade.  This presentation will require that you verbally articulate and show evidence of:

  • an understanding of the problem/purpose for the unit of study
  • growth and progress (the steps taken by the student to grow) during the unit
  • a big “take-away” from the unit and how it connects with the real world
  • SMART goals set during the units and revised SMART goals for future work
  • all required artifacts from the portfolio checklist
  • any other self-initiated artifacts in the portfolio

When you prepare to present your work, remember that this work is meant to connect to the real world and to global concerns.  The skills you gain during the unit, and those you use to present your work, will help you to be an effective and valuable team member when working with others in the future.

We will be in the computer lab on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, but please do not wait to work on your portfolios until then.  You may work on them from home.  See this link for more information about adding to the portfolio, the presentation, and for the rubric.  Also, the handout is embedded below:

~Ms. Morris 🙂

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Wednesday, October 17th

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Today’s Wordly Wise assessment contains analogies.  If you are not familiar with this type of question, take a minute to look this information over before you begin the assessment.

The first thing you will need to know is what the symbols mean.   : = is to and :: = as

For example, you would read the following analogy ” a fish : water :: a tiger : land” as “a fish is to water as a tiger is to land.”

(This analogy is showing the relationship between these words because a fish lives in the water and a tiger lives on land.)

Analogies can show the relationship between a number of ideas.  You are going to want to look closely at the relationship between the words in the first part of the analogy so that you can determine which words are the correct answer in the second part of the analogy.

Here are a couple of other examples:

  • hot coffee : winter :: cold water : summer
  • in : out :: up : down
  • word : sentence :: page : book
  • eye : sight :: teeth : chew

Wordly Wise Assessment #2

Today’s EQ:  Where can I find evidence of my learning? 

Following the word study assessment, you should:

  1. First, log into Infinite Campus to check your grades and see if you have any missing assignments, and take a look at upcoming assignments.
  2. Get clarification about any missing and upcoming work.
  3. Then, if you are all caught up, work on your e-Portfolio.
    • Review the rubric and expectations about the portfolio presentations
    • Consider how you would like to present your understanding of the purpose of the Personal Essay unit.
    • Add documents, links, and other artifacts to the portfolio.
    • Customize and personalize your portfolio.

Note, while your first portfolio presentation will be on the Personal Essay unit, you can also add to your Independent Reading section as well.

Remember:  Your Google username is your school ID that looks like an email:  99999999@ww-p.org and your password is your network password:  WWP37jumpingfreckledelephants

~Ms. Morris

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Week at a glance ~ 10/15/12 to 10/19/12

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This week, we will develop our thesis statements, commit to one for our personal essay, and then start to organize our support and the body paragraphs (using the boxes and bullets method).

Also, because we will be in the computer lab on Wednesday for the Wordly Wise assessment, you will have the remainder of the class time to work on updating your e-Portfolios.  You may add artifacts and links, include process work, explain the purpose of the unit, demonstrate growth so far in this unit, update the reflection journal, etc.

Check out this rubric that explains how your portfolios will be assessed.  The first assessment will take place at the end of the Personal Essay unit.

On the 1/2 days (Thursday and Friday), we will spend time on our reading work.   As yet another example of how you may set up your response work, here is the work I did for the first week of my Independent Reading Response 4 (IRR4)…I will have it in the classroom to show you as well!  Remember, the IRR4 is due this Friday!  🙂

We will continue with the pronoun work this week for grammar, and you have your Wordly Wise Assessment #2 on Wednesday.  (Wordly Wise list #3 will be issued and is due on 10/31.)


  • We will be in the computer lab on Wednesday
  • Thursday and Friday are 1/2 days.
  • Flex this week will be:
    • Monday – Period 4
    • Tuesday – Period 5
    • Wednesday – Period 8
    • Thursday and Friday – no FLex (1/2 days)

~Ms. Morris 🙂

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Welcome to your first Wordly Wise assessment!

Step #1) Be sure to hand in your study guide and proof of study (stapled together) in our classroom bin at the front of the room.

Step #2) Please take as much time as you need to complete this quiz.  When you have completed the quiz, log out of Quia, and come back to this blog post for further instructions.  Good luck.  🙂

Wordly Wise Assessment #1

Step #3) After the quiz, you will have the remainder of the class period to work on any of the following tasks that pertain to you.   Please remember to continue working silently as others may still be completing the quiz.  

  • Bring your WN (with all three personal narrative entries) to me to be checked.  (You may print from your Google docs if you need to.)
  • Pick up List #2 and a study guide for List #2.
  • Did you miss the grammar quiz from last week?  Take it now:  Grammar Quiz #2
  • Are you caught up from any absences?
  • Have you handed in any outstanding (missing) work?
  • Work on your reflection entry (in the reflection journal in your e-Portfolio) that is due on Friday, 10/5.  Be sure the title of the entry starts with October 5th
  • Add information, images, documents, additional reflection entries, and other links to your portfolio…and have fun with it!  🙂

Remember, to log into your Google accounts you go to www.google.com and use your network ID and password.

example:  999999999@ww-p.org and WWP48flyingpurpledinosaurs 



  • Independent Reading Response #3 due on Friday, 10/5
  • Independent Reading Reflection Entry due on Friday, 10/5
  • Wordly Wise List #2 study guide and proof of study due on Wednesday, 10/17
  • We will go to the book fair on Thursday, 10/11

~Ms. Morris 🙂

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