Friday, September 28th

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Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, we’ll start class by taking our grammar quiz.  When you finish the quiz, come back to this blog post and read the rest of the directions below.

After the grammar quiz, please keep this tab (with the blog post) open, and create a new tab to open your Google accounts. Then, open your portfolios (in “Sites”).

(Periods 3 & 4, we’ll need to add the remaining pages that you need; periods 5 & 8, you can work on adding to your portfolio if you are waiting for others to finish the quiz.)

NOTE:  By October 5th, everyone MUST complete a journal entry in the portfolio about how you view yourself as an independent reader at this point in the year.  Include your strengths and your weaknesses, and what you would like to improve upon the most You may or may not have class time to complete this activity, so you will need to do it at home OR arrange for a time to use a computer during flex or recess.  See Infinite Campus for assignment details.

Once we are all finished with the quiz, today we will learn how to:

  • Create a new document in Google
  • Share the document
  • Add a link to the document in our portfolios

To continue gathering personal narrative entries, we are going to respond (in a Google document) to the question:  “If  not me, then who?” 

  1. Think deeply about what this question means to you.
  2. Then, think of a time when you stood up for someone or something, someone stood up for you, or you wished that someone would have stood up for someone else.
  3. Tell that story.  (Remember to choose and use one of the pre-writing strategies we reviewed in class yesterday.)

Have a great weekend!  🙂

~Ms. Morris

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Getting Started with Self-Reflection (visiting the blog and setting up Portfolios)

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Hi Everyone!

1) I’m so excited that we are going to start getting set up today.  If you are reading this blog post, you’ve already accomplished the first objective for the day (figuring out how to access the blog).  Congratulations!

(If you need a tutorial about how to use the blog, you can visit this link here.)

Our DO NOW today is to fill out a survey for IRLA class.  This survey is designed to let me know a little bit about you, so I can best prepare for the upcoming year.  The link to the survey is here.

2) The second objective for today is to create your own ePortfolio using Google Sites.  We’ll walk through some of the first steps together in class today.  When you need any extra help managing your ePortfolio during the school year, please make sure you access this handout.

We are creating these ePortfolios today to have a place to store and record our work throughout this year.  In the portfolios, we will have places to record our assessment scores and places where we can reflect on the work we’ve been doing.  You will be submitting many of your IRLA assignments through your portfolios this year.  The portfolios will be private and completely personalized for each of you!

3) Finally, at the end of the Google Sites lesson today you will come back to the blog to answer this poll.

Be sure you don’t answer the poll until the end of the lesson!

~Ms. Morris

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