Wednesday, January 16th

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Happy Wednesday!

Today’s EQs:

What is the CLAIM in an essay?  (continued from yesterday)
How can I best support my ideas?

We are lucky to have Mr. Johnson coming back in today to help us start using DropBox through Infinite Campus!

To get started today, you will need to:

  • Copy HW into your agenda:
    • WW7 assessment is tomorrow (study guide and proof of study due)
      • Write what studying task you will specifically be working on tonight (ex: have my brother quiz me, write original writing with all words, review the 5 words I’m still getting stuck on, etc.)
    • Conjunction BrainPOP due by 1/18
  • Visit this link to take a brief nonfiction survey from Mrs. Hasler.
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Create a document for your literary essay.  
    • Use this format to create the title:  Melissa M. Period 1 – Literary Essay.
    • Share the document (can edit) with you teacher(s)
  • Log in to your Infinite Campus accounts.
  • Quietly await further instructions.  🙂

After we finish working with Mr. Johnson and the Infinite Campus accounts, we will use the remainder of the time in class to plan the boxes and bullets for the literary essay.

When you finish the boxes and bullets, you may begin drafting the essay in the Google doc.  We will be in the computer lab again tomorrow, so you do not need to print at the end of the period.

(Period 8, you will finish the thesis graphic organizer first, and then move on to the boxes and bullets.)

~Ms. Morris

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Infinite Campus Information

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Questions about Infinite Campus? 

  • If you do not have an Infinite Campus account…click here.
  • If you forgot your password or username…send an email to infinitecampus  (at)   (Address is not posted as a hyperlink in order to prevent spam messages being sent to the account.)
  • If you have an Infinite Campus account and aren’t sure how to find what you are looking for within the account…try this document.

REMINDER:  All homework and upcoming assignments for IRLA (along with the assigned dates, due dates, point values, and descriptions of the assignments) are posted through Infinite Campus.  To view these assignments, click on your “To Do” list in your Infinite Campus account.

~Ms. Morris

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Wednesday, October 17th

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Today’s Wordly Wise assessment contains analogies.  If you are not familiar with this type of question, take a minute to look this information over before you begin the assessment.

The first thing you will need to know is what the symbols mean.   : = is to and :: = as

For example, you would read the following analogy ” a fish : water :: a tiger : land” as “a fish is to water as a tiger is to land.”

(This analogy is showing the relationship between these words because a fish lives in the water and a tiger lives on land.)

Analogies can show the relationship between a number of ideas.  You are going to want to look closely at the relationship between the words in the first part of the analogy so that you can determine which words are the correct answer in the second part of the analogy.

Here are a couple of other examples:

  • hot coffee : winter :: cold water : summer
  • in : out :: up : down
  • word : sentence :: page : book
  • eye : sight :: teeth : chew

Wordly Wise Assessment #2

Today’s EQ:  Where can I find evidence of my learning? 

Following the word study assessment, you should:

  1. First, log into Infinite Campus to check your grades and see if you have any missing assignments, and take a look at upcoming assignments.
  2. Get clarification about any missing and upcoming work.
  3. Then, if you are all caught up, work on your e-Portfolio.
    • Review the rubric and expectations about the portfolio presentations
    • Consider how you would like to present your understanding of the purpose of the Personal Essay unit.
    • Add documents, links, and other artifacts to the portfolio.
    • Customize and personalize your portfolio.

Note, while your first portfolio presentation will be on the Personal Essay unit, you can also add to your Independent Reading section as well.

Remember:  Your Google username is your school ID that looks like an email: and your password is your network password:  WWP37jumpingfreckledelephants

~Ms. Morris

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