MATH: Discount and Sale Price

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Proportions with percents can be fun to solve, but they’re more than that!

We actually use them in real life situations all the time.  Shopping is a great example of using proportions w/percents because we use them to calculate discounts and sale price.

A discount is how much you are taking off the price of an item.

A sale price is how much the item costs after a discount has been taken.

Check out this video that explains discount and sale price:

Finally, here’s a link to an electronic worksheet to practice some additional problems.


~Ms. Morris

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MATH: Percents and Proportions

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Using proportions with percents is easy…as long as you know how to set up your proportions!

Little tricks like this model proportion will help you:

You can use this proportion when you are finding the PERCENT, the PART, or the WHOLE.  Just remember what information you are putting into each section of the proportion!

This website will offer some review and additional practice as well.

~Ms. Morris

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