MATH: Percents and Proportions

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Using proportions with percents is easy…as long as you know how to set up your proportions!

Little tricks like this model proportion will help you:

You can use this proportion when you are finding the PERCENT, the PART, or the WHOLE.  Just remember what information you are putting into each section of the proportion!

This website will offer some review and additional practice as well.

~Ms. Morris

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MATH: Using Similar Figures

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Now that we have finished our unit on writing and solving proportions, we can use proportions to find the missing measurement of lengths in geometric figures.  (This is called indirect measurement.)

Remember, a proportion sets up two ratios equal to one another. 

Similar figures are the same shape, but are NOT the same size.  (A figure would be congruent if it had the same shape AND same size.) 

This link will take you to some online practice with proportions and similar figures.

This video is a tutorial review for finding the missing length in similar figures using proportions. 

~Ms. Morris

(Note: images in this post are screen shots from the Math Glossary app for iPad.)

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