Thursday, 3/6 and Friday, 3/7

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Hi Everyone! We’re in school today! For a full day!

Today and tomorrow, we’ll be getting caught up with some of the work we missed because of the last few snow days and early dismissals.

The first order of business is to turn in your WW9 work and to take the assessment: We’ll be doing this on the Chromebooks and personal devices, so please share.  🙂

The next order of business is to continue reading for research. I conferences with several of you already, but if I haven’t met with you yet please sign up for a conference. (The conference helps to make sure that you on are on the right track with your reading work. Also, because it is a group conference, you get lots of good feedback from your peers as well!)

Our focus over the next couple of days will build off of what we started in class on Tuesday:
EQ: What do I want to find out most about my topic?
EQ: What do I want to share most with my readers about my topic later on?

These two EQs are so closely related, and we saw on Tuesday how they live together in our minds as we read. The new EQs we are adding today that work along with them are:
EQ: Where and when do I need to reread information in my sources?
EQ: How is rereading making me a stronger researcher?

Remember that I have shared my work in-progress with you in the handouts folder. Take a look to see how my reading response is coming along and the way I am organizing my research.  You’ll notice that I’ve reset my SMART goal already and revised my research questions and search terms.  You’ll also see how I decided to organize my T-R-A-P notes and where I put my objective summaries.

~Ms. Morris

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Free Rice

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logoLooking for something to do over the winter break?  How about visiting the website called Free Rice?

What is Free Rice?
Free Rice is a non-profit website from the United Nations World Food Programme.  The two goals of the organization are to provide a free education to everyone and to help end world hunger.

How does it work?
For every vocabulary question on the website that you answer correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.

Why should you do it?
You will be improving and practicing your own vocabulary skills while you are also doing a good thing for someone else.  It’s a win-win situation. 

~Ms. Morris

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Word Study assessment next week!

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Hi everyone,

Image source:  Zazzle , 9/26/12

In precisely one week from today, we will have our first word study assessment.  (This is no estimate; we know for certain it is one week away!)  Hopefully, your fears of studying these new words have abated by now, and you are being industrious in your study methods.  A fear of studying new words is an epidemic that we can easily avoid. Once you acknowledge that it is as easy as studying the words a little each day, and in multiple (fun) formats, those initial fears really do become irrelevant — it is as if the fears have been evicted from your mind forever. 

Studying your words does not have to be a difficult or devastating trek, and it certainly shouldn’t make you feel infuriated. Word study is not a precise science, and so you will need to be a bit impartial as you select your study methods until you find what works best for you.  Make sure that you are having fun with the methods you select.  The worst thing you could do is to sham your way through the studying, because then you certainly won’t learn anything.  Remember that you can each be an agent of support and a good resource for one another.  I’m confident that soon enough you will all be authorities on these words.  🙂

Which methods are you using to study?  Which words are still giving you the most trouble?  How is the study guide sheet helping you?  Share your ideas and experiences here in the comments section…and try to use as many of the words in your comments as you can!  

Don’t forget about our word study site for resources to help you review and practice!

~Ms. Morris 🙂

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