Wednesday, February 27th

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Happy Wednesday!

Here is the link to the quiz:

The next Wordly Wise assignment is to prepare for  the midterm (lists 1-10) taking place on 3/8.
The midterm will two nonfiction reading comprehension passages (Hey – that coincides with our reading unit, too!) with multiple choice questions.

A proof of study is expected and will be due on 3/8 as well.


After you finish the quiz, please work on your portfolios for the literary essay unit and your nonfiction reading unit.

~Ms. Morris



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Study skills tip: Quizlet

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Hey everyone!

A BIG thanks to Mr. Johnson for coming in today to help us all get set up with our Infinite Campus accounts!

Another teacher just shared a fabulous resource for studying, and I wanted to share it with you right away.  Maybe you’ve already heard of it?

Quizlet ( is a site that offers free online tools for studying — any subject or topic that you choose.  There are study sets (already made by other students and teachers) for world language, history, and even Wordly Wise!  You can also make your own study resources for any topic that you’d like.

Quizlet also has a mobile version for iOS and it can be downloaded (for free) through the app store.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

~Ms. Morris 🙂

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Wednesday, 12/5/12

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Hi Everyone!

Today, you will be taking your WW5 assessment.  First, make sure that your study guide and proof of study have been turned in (hand in bins are in the front of the lab).

When you finish the quiz, come back to the blog for further instructions.

Here’s the link to your quiz:

After the quiz, I will be walking around to see some portfolio presentations.  If you aren’t presenting, you should begin working on the 7th Grade Character Study and Literary Essay section of the portfolio.  Just like the last unit, you will need to provide and demonstrate:

  • an understanding of the purpose/problem of the unit
  • you own personal SMART goals through the unit
  • evidence of learning
  • the final (literary) essay
  • the big “takeaway” from the unit

~Ms. Morris

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Week at a glance ~ 10/22/12 to 10/26/12

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We’re drafting the personal essay this week!  Draft 1 will be due in class on Wednesday and draft  2 will be due at the end of class on Friday.  To read (and listen to) some more mentor texts and get ideas for your own essays, visit the This I Believe site for tons and tons of excellent essays. The site is certainly not devoid of options.

I’m really pleased with the reading response work that you bestowed upon me.  I was not aghast at all on Friday when I read them.  (See this comic I made on Bitstrips about it!)  When you get your rubrics back, please look at them carefully and muse over the things you will need to work on most for next time.  If you want to sign up for a mini lesson on incorporating more evidence in your reflections, citing sources, setting SMART goals, etc. please sign up for a mini lesson (on the small black bulletin board) and we’ll meet!

We’ll have a short grammar quiz this friday on subjects and predicates as well as subject and object pronouns.  To prepare, watch the BrainPOP videos for Subject and Predicate and the one for Personal Pronouns.

DIRECTIONS:  I hope you will heed this admonition; do not log in to BrainPOP.  Instead, log in through your Google account, and then when you see the black bar up at the top of the Google screen, click “more.”  That will bring down a menu and you will see an option for “BrainPOP.”  IF you don’t see the BrainPOP option right away, click into your “drive” first and then click “more” and you should see it.)  Click it, and it will take you to the BrainPOP site.  Once there, search for “Subject and Predicate” and “Personal Pronouns”, then watch the short videos.  Take the quizzes after each video and make sure you have the results sent to a spreadsheet (the 4th option in the list) by entering my email address.  I’ll get a notification that you took the quiz!  (These will be due by Friday.)

Check out this presentation for some additional help:

If you are unable to watch the videos and take the quizzes at home, I have headphones at the back computer in our classroom.  Be sure to get a pass from me and you can come watch the videos during Flex.

The next Wordly Wise assessment is a week from Wednesday.  I’ve used several words from list #3 in this blog post…can you find them all???  Most I used intentionally, but there was even one that I used unwittingly!


  • Personal essay draft 1 is due (end of class) on 10/24
  • Personal essay draft 2 is due (end of class) on 10/26
  • BrainPOP quizzes due by 10/26
  • Wordly Wise 3 study guide, proof of study and assessment on 10/31
  • Independent Reading Response #5 (IRR5) is due on 11/2
  • Flex will follow the regular rotation this week:
    • Monday – Period 3
    • Tuesday – Period 4
    • Wednesday – Period 5
    • Thursday – Period 8
    • Friday – Period 5

~Ms. Morris 🙂

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Welcome to your first Wordly Wise assessment!

Step #1) Be sure to hand in your study guide and proof of study (stapled together) in our classroom bin at the front of the room.

Step #2) Please take as much time as you need to complete this quiz.  When you have completed the quiz, log out of Quia, and come back to this blog post for further instructions.  Good luck.  🙂

Wordly Wise Assessment #1

Step #3) After the quiz, you will have the remainder of the class period to work on any of the following tasks that pertain to you.   Please remember to continue working silently as others may still be completing the quiz.  

  • Bring your WN (with all three personal narrative entries) to me to be checked.  (You may print from your Google docs if you need to.)
  • Pick up List #2 and a study guide for List #2.
  • Did you miss the grammar quiz from last week?  Take it now:  Grammar Quiz #2
  • Are you caught up from any absences?
  • Have you handed in any outstanding (missing) work?
  • Work on your reflection entry (in the reflection journal in your e-Portfolio) that is due on Friday, 10/5.  Be sure the title of the entry starts with October 5th
  • Add information, images, documents, additional reflection entries, and other links to your portfolio…and have fun with it!  🙂

Remember, to log into your Google accounts you go to and use your network ID and password.

example: and WWP48flyingpurpledinosaurs 



  • Independent Reading Response #3 due on Friday, 10/5
  • Independent Reading Reflection Entry due on Friday, 10/5
  • Wordly Wise List #2 study guide and proof of study due on Wednesday, 10/17
  • We will go to the book fair on Thursday, 10/11

~Ms. Morris 🙂

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Word Study assessment next week!

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Hi everyone,

Image source:  Zazzle , 9/26/12

In precisely one week from today, we will have our first word study assessment.  (This is no estimate; we know for certain it is one week away!)  Hopefully, your fears of studying these new words have abated by now, and you are being industrious in your study methods.  A fear of studying new words is an epidemic that we can easily avoid. Once you acknowledge that it is as easy as studying the words a little each day, and in multiple (fun) formats, those initial fears really do become irrelevant — it is as if the fears have been evicted from your mind forever. 

Studying your words does not have to be a difficult or devastating trek, and it certainly shouldn’t make you feel infuriated. Word study is not a precise science, and so you will need to be a bit impartial as you select your study methods until you find what works best for you.  Make sure that you are having fun with the methods you select.  The worst thing you could do is to sham your way through the studying, because then you certainly won’t learn anything.  Remember that you can each be an agent of support and a good resource for one another.  I’m confident that soon enough you will all be authorities on these words.  🙂

Which methods are you using to study?  Which words are still giving you the most trouble?  How is the study guide sheet helping you?  Share your ideas and experiences here in the comments section…and try to use as many of the words in your comments as you can!  

Don’t forget about our word study site for resources to help you review and practice!

~Ms. Morris 🙂

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Week at a glance – 9/17/12 to 9/21/12

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This week, we will be launching our grammar work, and our reading work, and our word study work, oh my!  🙂

OUR GRAMMAR FOCUS:  Nouns and Pronouns

  • What are they?
  • What do they each do in a sentence?
  • Why is knowing the relationship between them important?

In addition to the work for the day, you will receive a paper copy of this Parts of Speech handout in class on Tuesday. This sheet will go in the grammar section of our binder and will be a resource for you to use for the entire year. (You can also access this handout electronically any time throughout the year through the “handouts” tab on this blog.)

OUR READING FOCUS: Comprehension Skills and Strategies 

  • How will we keep track of what we read this year?
  • How is reading interactive?
  • How do strategies help us develop or improve our skills?

Wordly Wise list #1 will be assigned on Wednesday, 9/19, and the assessment will be in class on Wednesday, 10/3.  You can visit the Word Study site any time for resources and links.


  • There is no school on Monday, 9/17.
  • Supply check (5pts) on Tuesday – make sure you have your independent reading book!!!
  • Make-ups for the summer reading essay and ERB will take place during FLEX this week. (Be sure to come get a pass from me in advance.)
  • Keep checking Infinite Campus for HW assignments, grades, and any missing work.
  • FLEX rotation this week will be:
    • Tuesday – period 4
    • Wednesday – period 5
    • Thursday – period 8
    • Friday – period 3
~Ms. Morris 🙂
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