IRLA: Food, Glorious Food!

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Now that we’re about halfway through our mini-unit of a short personal essay about a significant memory involving a special recipe, let’s think about why so many people might write about food.

Online, you can find thousands upon thousands of blogs written about food and recipes.  On bookshelves, in libraries and bookstores (and my kitchen at home!), you can find hundreds of cookbooks with recipes from places all around the world.  In short stories and novels that we read, the aromas and flavors of foods are often described in great, sensory detail.

Why is that?

Why do you think there is so much writing in this world about food?

Respond to this question here on the blog and then come back to comment on your peers’ responses as well.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on this topic!

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~Ms. Morris

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Anya’s Story

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Hayley’s Story

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What’s the story?

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We have been very busy the last few months, but our upcoming project is so much fun that we wanted to make sure that we share it with you.  Students were assigned the task of developing a story (making sure to follow a plot diagram, include a protagonist and antagonist, conflict, and a well developed setting) without using words.  Their imaginations were in full force to bring their stories to life on these posters.  Students were not allowed to share any details with their classmates, because each student will next write a story inspired by someone else’s poster.

Please take a look at the story posters in the following posts.  (There are 12 in all.)  Leave comments or suggestions and feel free to ask the story creator questions about their story.  Have fun!!!

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“There is no such thing as writer’s block!”

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“There is no such thing as writer’s block!”

Tips that will help you get “unstuck” when writing:


Be organic!

– Your best writing is what comes most naturally to you…if you are stuck for a topic or don’t like what you are writing…change it. You may come back to your orginal idea anyway.

– If you don’t know what to write at all…then write that! It is okay to get started with a list, or other brainstorming activities. Sometimes those things turn in to the best pieces.


Use your resources:

– “Interview” friends and family about your topic – react in your writing to what they said or run with the new ideas and see where they take you.

– Search your subject, genre, or idea online – see what others have already written about it

– Look up words you have already written in the dictionary and discuss their meanings


Go back to previous writing-

-Use your seed entries from other pieces

-Re-examine lists and topics that you have worked on before and see if they inspire new ideas

-Revise something – you may change it so radically that it becomes an entirely new piece

-Change your angle – write about a subject you have written before and look at it a different way

– Lift a line from what you just wrote and make it the first line on a new page and see where it takes you!

– Don’t get rid of anything. If you don’t like something you have written, just put a line through it and move on. You may change your mind later and find it useful.


Any other ideas? Let me know! 🙂

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